Hi! I’m “Ocean Girl” and I’m a 16-year-old teenage girl. I live in a pretty fine house with my little brother and both of my parents. I went to the same school and been in the same class with the same classmates for 9 years. I hanged out with the same friends and my life was pretty much the same roller coaster: sometimes you’re so high that you can almost touch the sky, and sometimes you’re so low that you can almost small something rot in hell. But either way, the rail cart is always staying on its track. And even if you’re scared, you can always look to the sides and see the familiar festival and surroundings, along with your family and friends, and some cotton candy to lighten up your day. That’s what my life was like, until last year, year ten. I outgrown my rail cart. Being with the same teachers and classmates just didn’t work for me as well as it did in the past. I got tired of having to go to the same place for over 9 years. I did not like what my school had to offer anymore. So I did what I had to do in order to make me happy: I switched festivals- I transferred schools.

“New school, new me”- fitting in a new school could get extreme. First impressions are suddenly important, because the way you present yourself in the first few days, is *usually* how the rest of your time in school would look like. You can either be the smart kid, the popular one, the jock… though for me, I never felt like I was any of those. Thankfully, I was able to find my place in my class, I even made new friends. Yet I still had to deal with new problems that I never had to deal with at my old school. Some of them are small, such as dealing with mean girls, getting rejected (and I’m not talking about relationship stuff), not reaching up to my teachers’ expectations… And being unable to be vulnerable. At my old school, we barely had any homework or tests. We also had long breaks in between classes and a ton of free time. So I would usually go to the side with my friends during lunch break, and have a really deep and long heart-to-heart conversations. We would sit in small groups of 2-3 people so that way we can really be our true selves. (here’s a tip for a better life lol: when you’re talking in small and intimate groups, people probably won’t judge you because they are likely to be their true selves as well. Plus, there is no pressure to be “Miss/Mister prefect” as there aren’t many people that are watching you. This isn’t a scientific fact though; I’m just speaking from personal experience).

By talking and having long conversations my friends and I were letting out steam, anxiety and stress. In my new festival, school, whatever- things are different. We have homework and tests on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We barely have any free time and the breaks that we do have in between classes are short. My friends are hanging out in big groups, and even though I love them a lot, it’s hard to talk about your feeling and being expose when there are about 10 pairs of eyes and ears who are looking at you and listening to you all at the same time.

Because of that, alongside many other reasons, over the past year I’ve became an anxious and stressful person. And well, that’s kind of a big problem. And problems should be taken care of. I have listed others earlier on in this post, but this problem is the one that is most important to me to solve. And so, I decided to take care of it. By creating this blog. (Jeez, I used the word “problem” way too many times in this last sentence).

The people who are reading this blog, you guys, probably don’t know me and never heard my name before reading this (unless you’re someone I know in real life. In that case, please stop reading and log off this website right now. Haha thank you bye), so you don’t have previous opinions about me. That means that the way I represent myself in this blog, is the way that you would see me and picture me in your mind. This means that I can be 100% myself, without anyone doubting me as no one knows better. Here you will get to know the real me, and not the polite new girl in class. And I don’t know you, which means that you can be 100% yourself too.

I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life, and it would be awesome if you guys could tag along. This could be our little corner on the internet, where we could chat about pretty much all of the things that you wouldn’t chat about in small talks (or anything in general, really).

And… I think that that’s it! Thank you if you made it this far. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


-ocean girl

P.S. Since this is the first blog post, and it doesn’t have a proper theme, I decided to add this random picture that I took the other day, of a flower. I had fun editing it, lol. Okay bye! ❀️

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