Hello world!!

How have you all been? How’s life? I’ve been facing a very stressful time, because of all of my finals! I have to study everything by myself, and I can’t leave the house, so it can be a lot to take sometimes. I also have been dealing the military, as I’m planning on joining once I’m done with school. But apart from that, I finally managed my time, so I’m able to post once a week, every Sunday! I really enjoy blogging so I’m starting to really get into it.

So as you already know, This is the third part of the Georgia Diaries! If you’re new, over the last summer my family and I visited in Georgia for 19 days! We’ve been to many amazing places, and in the Georgia Diaries, which is a blog series that I’ve created, I basically share all about our trip! these blogs could be quite helpful to you if you’re planning on going to Georgia once the pandemic is over, as I include all of the names of the places we stayed in, the restaurants we ate in and so on! If not, I hope that you’d still enjoy the stories and the pictures, as I’ll also be sharing my experiences and feelings througout the blogs! 🙂 let’s start, shall we?

10.07.2019, A Trip To Chalaadi Glacier And Kala

Good morning! Todat we woke up at 7:20 or so in Mestia, and got ready. We ate breakfast at our hotel- our hosts made us a full table, with many great dishes on it. They even added peaches, which I love. Then we walked to the “center” of Mestia, were we found a driver that would take us for a trip around. We had to have at least 6 people before we could leave, and we were only 4, so we found a couple from Germany that wanted to hike as well, so they decided to join us. They reminded me of my friends from Germany, that I met last year. We talked quite a lot on the way there, and really got to know them. They were so nice and cool! My mum talked a lot about Israel, it was really funny. Finally, after a long ride, we arrived at the “Chalaadi Glacier”, which was so beautiful. We walked on a beautiful trail, sarrounded by trees, a river.. We saw many butterflies and flowers. At the end of the track we saw a huge iceberg, and we were able to go around it for a bit, and touch it. It was so cool, and so unusual. Once we took many pictures and felt like we were getting tired, we decided to head back to the car. The couple that came with us stayed throughout the whole track, and I kinda got used to having them with us- they were really funny and had so much to add to the conversation. Once we returned to the car, we separated- the driver drove my family and I to “Kala”, while the German couple decided to walk there by foot. “Kala” is a place between and on the mountains, which includesb 8 old villages. I found it so magical and creepy at the same time- the buildings were so pretty, but were also old and held a ton of weird energy. We walked around, enjoying the view. It was so quiet. After walking for some time, we found a local restaurant, where we decided to sit down at and eat. Sadly the place doesn’t have a name, or it least they don’t display the name in a visible place, but I will add pictures of the place. The food was homemade, and so good! The German couple saw us, and joined later on, they drunk beer though, while we ate cheese and a salad hahaha. After we were finished, we walked around the villages again, then stopped and bough some “snickers” chocolate bar and water. At this point it was quite late, so we returned to the car, that took us back to the city. On the way back everyone in the car were quiet, so I listened to some cool music (insert summer 2019 tiktok playlist haha!).

Once we arrived at the “center” of Mestia again, we said goodbye to the German couple that we met, and returned to our hotel, took a shower and rested. Later that evening we went to the same restaurant as yesterday, “Sun-Seti”, and ate dinner. when we finished our food it was really late, so we returned to our hotel again and prepared our selves to sleep after the long day.

11.07.2019, A Ski Lift , Ridiculous Cab Driver And A Confusing Minibus

Today we woke up at 8:15 AM, and ate breakfast at our hotel again, for the last time- today is our last day in Mestia. Mestia has a pretty good area for skiing in the winter, but since we’re in July, we decided to go there and simply ride the ski lift. It was close to the hotel, so we walked there. A cute dog followed us. We finally got on the ski lift, and the view was amazing. you could see Mestia in front of you, while there’s a forest underneath you. I always loved the idea of flying, and have always enjoyed crazy roller coaster rides (you should read the GD ’02 for more information on a roller coaster ride that we’ve been on) so I really enjoyed this ski lift. The wind wasn’t too strong, and other people that were also taking the ski lift waved at us while we passed them. We reached the end, then returned back right away. Once we arrived at the starting point, we walked back to the hotel (the dog followed us back again, but left in the middle of the way).

Once we arrived at our hotel we took our bags, and went to look for a taxi driver. We found this guy that… was… well, hear me out. At first sight he seemed like a nice, responsible person, which is why we decided to go with him- he would drive us to a bus station, that was very far away from Mestia- a few hours drive. And really, like we thought, the first maybe 40 minutes were fine- he was nice, he talked a lot, and was funny. But once those 40 minutes passed he started to drift away, almost fell asleep twice. My dad tried to talk to him and keep him awake. He stopped the car on the side of the road and went to find a river to wash his face in. About an half an hour later he also stopped at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and told us that he was getting some energy (I can’t remember if he wanted to sleep or eat). After that my dad offered to drive instead of him, as he again almost fell asleep a bunch of times and it was getting dangerous. My dad then drived for the next maybe hour and a half while our driver was sitting in the seat next to him, sleeping. After he woke up, he switched places with my dad and drove for another hour. At that point we were pretty much in the city, so he stopped next to a random house which he told us was his, and left us in the cab while he was going inside to change his shirt. My mum and dad were so confused and tired at that point, that all they could do was laugh. As soon as he came back, wearing a new shirt, we want on our way again. About maybe 20 very long minutes later we arrived at the bus station, and the driver calmly turned to my dad, and asked him to take his phone number, and share it with our friends, or on facebook. My dad was shocked, but he was nice so he just took it and laughed.

After getting off the cab, we got on a small white minibus, that was supposed to take us to Kutaisi, which is another village in Georgia. At first, the ride was fine, I had a lot of space, very normal. But then it got really weird, as people kept on coming inside the minibus until there were about 9-10 people standing inside, not counting the ones that were sitting! I felt very uncomfortable and anxious, as I felt like I barely had any place to breathe. I was sitting down, so I had a million thoughts running through my mind- “should I get up? should I let someone else sit instead of me?” I wasn’t sure, as I knew that there were 2 hours of being inside there ahead of us. I also felt super uncomfortable with so many people touching me, and there was barely any room for getting up. At some point an old man came, could be someone’s grandpa, and after a few minutes of arguing with myself I decided to get up and signaled him to sit instead of me. He refused and said that he was just getting off. I felt very stupid, as I was both standing and taking up space, and saving a seat, so I also asked the woman standing infront of me if she would like to sit. But, she said that she was just getting off too. Everyone were looking at me. Embarrassed, I sat back again in my seat, put on my headphones and listened to some podcasts while looking out the window.

When we finally arrived to Kutaisi, we ate some food at McCdonald’s, and took another taxi to our hotel, which we booked online. The hotel that we booked is called “Family Hotel”, and it really was awesome. We booked two rooms, as always- one for my brother and I, and one for our parents. Our room had a small balcony, unlike our parents’ (moahahah) and two tables. Pretty awesome!

After that we went to look around, wandered on the streets, and sat down to eat in a very disappointing and quite disgusting place, which I don’t remember it’s name (and thank god for that lol). Then we returned to our room, as it was already very late, and I watched some more “Stranger Things”. I finished season one!!

12.07.2019, A Stalactite Cave, A Local Market And A Small Mall!

Today we woke up at 8:15 AM, and ate breakfast at the hotel. We had a full table already set for us, with many cool and tasty dishes on it. After that we took a taxi to a stalactite cave. We were put in a group of people, that were all Israelis tourists! They all talked in Hebrew, which we understand, and it was simply hilarious. One of them complained that it rained on them, so their friend replied “It’ll be over by the time you get married”. They were both in their 70’s lmao. Inside the cave we had to walk for about 45 minutes, and it kinda felt like being stuck in IKEA. Usually I don’t like being inside caves, I’m very stressed about it, but it wasn’t so bad- it was very beautiful, and the older poeple talking in the background made the whole thing so much better.

After that, we went to a local market. Like I said in a previous blog, I don’t really enjoy these markets, but my dad gave my brother and I 20 GEL each (so that we wouldn’t bug him) so I was mostly focused on looking for something to buy rather then on what’s going on around me. I ended up buying some local chocolate. We then left the market and walked around on the streets when it started to rain. A lot. We entered a small shop in order to stay dry. The lady in charge was really nice and understood why we came in. I felt bad going inside a dry clean shop with dirty shoes, simply so I can stay dry, so I bought there a lipstick. I mean.. I was planning on getting a new one at some point anyway.

We then went went to a small mall called “Karvasla”. I bought there some “Avengers” stickers, and my dad ordered some glasses, which we were planning on taking the next day. We went to eat in a restaurant called “Kalakuri”. I ordered “Fried Trout on a Ceramic Pan” lol. It was great. Then, we went back to the hotel. I watched some YouTube, finished watching some vlogs and also watched again “Stranger Things”, and that’s it for today 🙂

13.07.2019, A Canyon And A Real Life, “80’s Style” Hawkins

Today we woke up, ate breakfast at out hotel, took our bags and left it. We met a minibus driver that agreed to be our driver for the day (in exchange for some coins of course). He drove us to the “Okatse Canyon”. We had to walk about 4.5 kilometers in order to get there. The way there was beautiful though, full of trees, flowers and we even saw a few pigs. Once we got to the actual canyon we walked on a very long bridge above it. My mum is very afraid of hights, so I felt really bad for her, she really freaked out and it was hella strange seeing her like that. After we got back to the minibus, we drove back to Kutaisi. Yesterday my dad bought himself new glasses, so today we came back to pick them up. After that, we ate lunch in the same place in which we ate yesterday- “Kalakuri”.

After that our driver picked us up again, and we left Kutaisi for good (tam, tam, tam!). He drove us for about three hours until we arrived to “Borjomi”. Our hotel, “Check In Borjomi” was eh. It wasn’t so bad after we got used to it, but at first it came off as a bad surprise.

After arriving saftly at home, I can tell you for sure that apart from Tbilisi, Borjomi was my favorite place in Georgia. The moment we started to walk on the streets, I fell in love. Imagine this- a small village from the 80’s, with small yet wide streets full of old arcade games, popcorn machines, jewelry stores, and what not. All of the people walking on the sidewalk were so beautiful and unique- most of them were teens, dressed like they were from the eighteis too! Remember, I was watching “Stranger Things” at the time, so for me it felt like the show came to life, and I was inside of it. Borjomi is not a big village, so if you’re looking for a trip that’s LA/ New York style, then this isn’t the place for you. But we went there to feel and see their culture, and this was definitely it.

I didn’t write a lot down on the 13.7, but Borjomi definitely was one of my favorite places.


I really hope that you enjoyed this third blog in the “Georgia Diaries” series! I had so much fun writing it and remembering all of the memories again. If you’d like, you could check out my other two blogs in the series, or other blogs in general. My back camera still isn’t working, so I’ll be writing the Georgia Diaries blogs until I can fix it, because I can’t really make new content without my camera! If you’d like to talk to me, pleasee leave a comment below, or dm me on instagram- @oceangirl.blog I’d love to speak with you! Please take care of yourself!

Toodles! 🌈


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