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Welcome, or welcome back to another blog πŸ™‚ How have you all been? What’s new? I just got a new plant I named Tony, and it’s the cutest haha. Also I haven’t been able to write in a while, so I’m extremely thankful for being able to do that again. I’ve also started to plan other blog posts, so I’m gonna write them as soon as I get my new phone!

But well, today’s blog is the forth blog post in the Georgia Diaries series! In case you’re new, last summer my family and I went to visit Georgia for about 19 days. In this blog series I will be sharing with you my experiences. This could be quite helpful for you if you’re planning on visiting Georgia once it’s safer, as I’m mentioning all of the restaurants, hotels and stores we’ve been to. If you’re not planning on visiting Georgia, I believe that you could still enjoy reading our experiences and stories, and maybe even feel like you’re with us! In any case, I advice that you first read the first 3 blogs in the series, or at least the last one that I published, as it would be easier to understand this blog! I’m going to continue writing from the place where I stopped last time πŸ™‚ enjoy!

14.07.2019, A Medieval Castle, A Village Inside A Mountain And Fishing!

Good morning! Today we woke up a bit earlier then I was hoping. The hotel manager (or CEO?) told us that her cousin is actually a travel guide, and that because we’re staying at her hotel, he could show us around for a good price. So we agreed to meet up with him after breakfast. We ate at the “Cafe-Restaurant BERGI”, which if I remember currectly was actually really good, then he picked us with his car. He was actually so nice! During the ride we kinda got to know him, he was pretty young so he wasn’t the type of guy that would just talk about the history of a place without caring whether people are listening or not. After spending some time on the road, we arrived at the “Rabati” castle, which is a medieval fortress built in the 9th century. When we walked in some guy walked infront of us really fast with a camera, and took a picture of us really quickly, then walked away. I thought that it was a bit strange, but oh well. Once we were inside we realized that the place was HUGE but so so beautiful! there were so many buildings, and honestly I could totally see myself living in a place like that lol. It was really quiet, but not the awkward silence you sometimes experience in museums- it was rather peaceful and harmonius. I really liked it 🀍

After we were done walking around, we went back to the car and drove for another 40 minutes, in which I fell asleep while listening to the “Aladdin” soundtrack lol. It’s so good!! But anyway, once the car stopped my parents went for a hike together, while my brother and I decided to stay with our driver. We were kinda getting tired of all of the walking, and to be honest even though I genuinely enjoy hiking, sometimes it’s just the same view repeating itself. But our driver went fishing in a lake near where we parked the car, so we stayed with him. If you’re a true crime lover you might be thinking “oh no!”, but trust me, we really got along with him and trusted him, and it was really fine. We talked for a bit, at first he didn’t realized that we spoke English, but it ended up working out. About maybe 20 minutes later my parents returned, and we hit the road again (he didn’t caught any fish in case you were wondering lol).

We stopped again at the “Vardzia”, which is a cave monastery site, excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain. Basically, a whole village inside a mountain. It was crazy to think that someone once lived there! And not just one person- but a whole village. It was very beautiful, especially from afar, but inside the caves I felt quite claustrophobic. I don’t know what is it about caves, I guess that they’re just not my cup of tea. As soon as we were done there, we went to a “hot spring”. yack. It wasn’t even a real spring, we arrived next to a house , they let us inside a room- in the middle of it was a big poll full of hot, salty water. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was definitely not this. My dad and brother went inside for a swim, while my mum and I only put our feet in it. Our driver waited outside.

After that we were pretty much done for the day- we were tired, and hungry. During this trip we kinda figured out that the main, most known restaurants aren’t always the best ones, so my parents told the driver to take us to his favorite restaurant, and he did- he took us to a place called “My House”, which turned out to be one of the best restaurants we’ve eaten in during this trip. I ordered “rice with vegetables” and “beans in a pot”. It was so delicious! We then returned to the hotel by foot, and because it was already quite late we stayed there and didn’t go for another stroll around the city. I watched some “Stranger Things” before I went to sleep.

15.07.2020, Iced Coffee, Scrunchies And A Fairyland

Because yesterday was such a long, tiring day, today we actually had a kinda chill, relaxed one. We woke up quite late for the first time in a while, at 10 AM! It was so nice and refreshing. We got ready, and walked around the streets for a while, then sat down to eat breakfast at a place called “Inka Cafe”. It is such a nice place! I drunk iced coffee πŸ™‚ After that we walked around for some more time, we bought some things to bring home to my grandparents. We also found a cute little shop that sold scrunchies, and I was quite the vsco girl at the time (tbh I still kinda am lol) so I bought about 8 of those, in different colors and sizes.

We continued walking around until we arrived in a park called “Borjomi Park”, and “Fairyland” (they’re kinda the same thing, but also not?? you just kinda walk through one park and there’s a pretty smooth transaction to the other). Those two parks are basically a “super-land”, but a bit more quiet and less extreme. There were a bunch of activities, Play facilities, food stands and so much more. We mostly walked around the place, not going in any direction in particular. We ate popcorn, cotton candy, hot corn, ice cream… It was really nice and cool! I feel like it was mostly meant for younger kids, so even though I enjoyed seeing everything, I felt like I was a bit old in order to do many of these activities, and I was with my family there- if I were to be with my friends we would probably just do this stuff anyway, just for fun. But apart from that I don’t really remember much of this day, if you’ve seem the third season of “Stranger Things”, then it kinda reminded me of the
festival they had there, except it was way less cool. We later went to eat in the same place as yesterday- “My House”. It was again, so great!!

16.07.2019, Returning To Tbilisi And Visiting A Huge Market

Today, unlike yesterday, we woke up quite early at 6:30 AM, Packed our bags and left the hotel for good. We walked all the way to the bus station, and once we got there we bought tickets, got onto a white minibus and drove back to Tbilisi. The way my parents planned this trip was that almost everytime we were to switch or move to a different city, we’d go through Tbilisi. We started in Tbilisi, traveled to Kazbegi, back to Tbilisi then took a train to Mestia, from there we went to Kutaisi stayed there for a few days and then traveled to Borjumi. At this point we were leaving Borjumi and going back to Tbilisi for the last time, before we’re packing our bags and flying back home. After the long drive to Tbilisi (which I remember nothing of for some reason lol), we arrived at a crowded bus station. We called an Uber that took us to the hotel we were gonna stay in. It is called- “Flower Hotel”, and it was quite fancy! The room my brother and I got was huge, and really really nice. After checking in and unpacking our bags, we left the hotel in order to get some food. The hotel was right by this very long, super pretty street full of restaurants and cafe houses. It was a bit fancier then the ones we were used to, and a bit more expensive as well. We sat down to eat at a place called “9 MTA”, which was quite expensive, but the food was so good and well done! Then we walked a bit by foot, until we found a taxi that drove us to the “Lilo Market”.

The “Lilo Market” was a huge place, with many tiny stores and stands that basically sold anything your heart desire. We walked around, simply looking at all of the beautiful and strange things. I bought myself new glasses (it’s a fashion statement ya’ll) and some keychains that are typically being sold to tourests, so I can give to my friends back home. After a few long hours that we’ve spent there, we returned back to the hotel to get some rest. At around 6:30 PM, a few hours after we returned to the hotel, we decided to go out and look for a place where we could eat dinner. However, it took us such a long time to find a restaurant that sold an affordable, good food. At 8:00 PM, an hour and a half later, we were finally sitting in a restaurant called “Samikitno”, which is right by the big “I love Tbilisi” sign (if you’ll go there, you’d know). I ordered some Greece salad, which took forever to arrive, but in their defense the place was really full. It was really good. After that we went for a last walk around the city, in which we looked for some presents to give to my grandparents back home.

17.07.2019, A Shopping Spree, Arcade And Vsco Girls!

Morning! Today we woke up at 9:00 AM, which was really nice compared to most of the other mornings. We got ready, and then ate breakfast at our hotel- the dining room was full of tables already prepared with food, with a glass wall and a glass door, and behind it was a balcony with a beautiful view of the city. The food was minimal but so great. After we finished eating, we left the hotel and took a taxi to an outlet/mall called “East Point”. There were a bunch of tourists in the mall, but most of the people in there were locals. There was a long outside hall full of shops, and I really enjoyed shopping there! I bought a cute “LA” t-shirt in a store called “Collin’s”, and a cute, short, red and white shirt at “H&M” along with a yellow and grey jacket and a scrunchie. After walking for some more time outside, in which the rest of my family also bought clothes and more (it’s cheaper in Gerogia then in Israel!), We entered the mall, and went to the upper floor. There was a cinema there, so my brother and I went to see “Toy Story 4” in 3D. It just came out around that time, and it was so SAD. But good. You should watch it.

After that I kinda had a mini breakdown. If you have a younger sibling you’d know how hard it is to be with them sometimes. Having to spend three hours in one position with my brother, especially when he’s so unorganized and I am, was really hard, and it truly got to me lol (looking back I barely even remember what we fought about but if I wrote notes about it back then then maybe it was impotant enough to mention lmao). But once the movie was over, my parents came to pick us up and we all ate at an asian restaurant. We ordered fried noodles. It was sooo good, but soo spicy! Afterwards we continued walking around the stores, and I bought a cute notebook for next year (it is my bullet journal now). We found an arcade, too, at the bottom floor, and played there for some time. I played in a motorcycle game (which is always my favorite one to play in arcades) and got first place twice! I even made it to the “top 6” in the category “best time” of all times.

When we returned back to the hotel I watched some TikToks (I downloaded the app a couple of days ago- I was on music.lly back in the day too lol), and really felt aesthetic with everything that I got today. Without even noticing I really matched the “vsco girl” aesthetic lol! Later on, at around 10 PM, we went for a stroll around and sat inside a “Dunkin Donuts”. I bought some ice cream with chocolate! After that we returned back to the hotel, and I watched TikToks for a long, long time πŸ™‚


Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it! Sorry that this blog is up a day late, yesterday I was busy with studying for a big test that I took this morning! Thankfully I’m done with it now, and I only have one more test before I’m done for this school year! If you’d like to reach out, you could find me on instagram @oceangirl.blog I’d love to talk with you. At the moment I’m not very active there, but I will be as soon as I get my camera fixed. You could also talk to me through the comments!

Stay safe, put your mask on and practice social distancing!!

Toodles! πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ

-ocean girl

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