Hello World!

Hey, how have you all been? This is my last week in school, whoo! I’m super excited to be done with year 11, it has been one of the longest and weirdest year of my life and I’m excited to start my last year in high school. can’t wait for it to be over lmao. But speaking of things ending, I’d like to welcome you to the last blog post in the Georgia Diaries series! If you’re new here, last summer my family and I flew over to Georgia and spent 19 days there! In this blog series, I basically share my experience. This series could be quite helpful for you if you’re planning on visiting Georgia once it’s safer, and if not, you can still enjoy reading my stories and entires of each day and maybe even feel like you’re with me and my family! Sadly, this is the last post in this series. It is going to be a bit longer then my previous blogs, as this one will incude five entries and not four. (Also while I’m writing this- TAYLOR SWIFT JUST RELEASED A NEW ALBUM AND MUSIC VIDEO AHHH).

Well, this intro is long enough, so lastly before we start, I suggest that you first read the previous blogs, or at least the last one I posted, as it would be easier for you to understand. But let’s just get into it 🙂

18.07.2019, New Rooms, Eating Ice Cream At The Top Of A Canyon And Playing In The Arcade

Good morning! Today we woke up at 8:00 AM, got ready and went off to eat breakfast at the hotel’s dining room. After that, we got called to switch rooms. Apparently, the rooms we originally booked were already being used, so they just placed us in different rooms. But now the hotel’s manager asked us if we’d like to switch to the original rooms, as the guests who stayed there left. We agreed of course, and holy cow. The rooms were so big and nice! We always book two rooms- one for my parents, and one for my brother and I. The room that my brother and I got was so nice! We each had a double bed, there was a window wall, a small desk where we could sit and draw/write and a huge bathroom. It was super exciting and cool (the hotel we stayed in is called “Flower Hotel”, I would really recommend it!). After we moved our bags to the new rooms we went off to hike. We took a taxi, and drove for two hours until we arrived to the “Dashbashi” canyon. The taxi driver came with us to show us the way, as we walked down the canyon. The walk there was pretty simple, I mean we were walking downhill which is always easier, but when we almost got the the bottom, it became a bit harder as we had to climb over big rocks. At the end we saw the most beautiful lake and a breathtaking waterfall. It was really pretty and definitly worth the climbing. The way back from there wasn’t as fun, because walking uphill is always harder. We were sweating and it was really hot and sticky, but at the top of the canyon there’s a small store (there’s only one store so it wouldn’t be hard to find it) and my dad bought us all some chocolate ice cream, which is always fun lmao and cool us down a bit.

When we arrived back safely to the hotel, 2.5 hours later, I took the best shower of my life. The bathroom was so big and nice, and I had so much free space. The lighting there was super majestic and magical as well. By 5:08 PM we were all already clean, sitting inside a Thai restaurant called “Pao Tomyam”. My family and I spent over 10 months during my 8th grade in Asia, about 5 months in Thailand (a story for another time). So we really love Thai food and are quite used to it by now. We were excited when we found a local Thai restaurant, but… after sitting inside for some time we were quite disappointed. The place was so full of smoke, and through an open door to the kitchen we saw how unhygienic it was. I ordered vegetarian pad thai, which was really good, but I had to finish eating it as quickly as possible, because my family couldn’t breath inside the restaurant (my brother has asthma… I had a hard time breathing as well, but it wasn’t nearly as bad). In conclusion, the food was great, but the surrounding not so much.

After I finished my meal (there’s always that one slow eater in every family… I am the bitch named Becky lmao) we went to the mall. I went to a “Mini So” store again, probably for the 100th time during this trip, and bought a cute, light-blue water bottle and a bunch of face masks. After that my parents gave my brother and I some money, and we went off to spend it. First we went to a McCdonald’s. We bought “coca cola” for my brother, “cherry soda” for me and fries for the both of us. Once we finished drinking our drinks and eating the fries we went to the arcade which was on the top floor, and bought there a bunch of tickets in order to play. We played for a good 30 minutes or so, and together earned 73 points, which is really good! It was really fun, and knowing that we were gonna stay in Tbilisi for the next few days we kept the points in order to spend them all at the same time once we earn enough.

19.07.2019, A Water Park And The Lion King

Today we woke up at 9:00 AM. Oh, sweet life. We ate breakfast at the hotel as usual. Today, we were going to a water park! I love water parks. They’re so much fun! Yesterday, a bunch of pictures of Tom Holland and his “new girlfriend” Olivia got released, and the fandom is going crazy. I remember being so annoyed at the time, because no one had any idea what was actually going on. That’s so funny looking back at it lmao. But anyway, We took a taxi and drove to a place called “Gino Paradise Tbilisi”- the water park! When we arrived, we were given bracelets, so that we could buy stuff using then- it was pretty cool. I don’t have that many notes written down about the water park, as I was just running around having fun, but let me tell you- it was huge. It had so many water slides, which are my favorites! I went down 4 different slides, to one of them I even went twice. It also had like million different pools all around the place. It was pretty amazing. We stayed there until about 3:50 PM.

Once we started to feel tired, we took a taxi back to the area of our hotel and went to eat lunch. We again choose a Thai restaurant, but this time it was a different one. It is called “Tuk Tuk”, and it was amazing. The place was small and cute, super clean, the customer’s service was fantastic. I ordered pad thai again, which I really enjoyed. After we finished eating we went to the hotel to shower, then went out again by foot to the nearest cinema. My brother and I bought tickets to see the live action movie of “The Lion King”. It was so amazing! I didn’t cry this time lol, and I had fun singing along to all of the songs. I don’t think that my brother appreciated my singing that much though. While we were watching the movie, my parents went to the mall to buy more gifts to bring home. They bought me really cute silver earrings that I’m actually wearing right now, while writing this! When we finished watching the movie my brother and I joined them, and went alone to McCdonald’s to buy some cherry soda. My brother really got on my nerves on the way there, as he can be quite loud and goofy sometimes. A lot of people gave us “the look” while passing by, if you know what I mean, which can actually hurt a lot when you feel like you have no control over the situation. And the worst part? McCdonald’s was close so no cherry soda for us lmao. Looking back I feel really stupid and sad that that bothered me so much when today was so amazing, but hey, we grow and we learn lol.

20.07.2019, Basketball Game, Dunkin’ Donuts, Vans And Pizza

Hello and good morning! Today we woke up at 9:00 AM, which is great ’cause it wasn’t super early like we’re used to. We then got ready, locked our rooms and went to eat breakfast. In my opinion, today’s breakfast was the best one so far. We then took a taxi that drove us to the “Tbilisi Mall”, which is supposed to be the biggest mall in Tbilisi. Well, it really was quite big, it has many floors and even more stores, coffee shops and restaurant. It even had a basketball court in the middle of it! My family and I went around the stores for some time, and I even bought a super cute shirt in a place called “Jennyfer” (I’m also wearing it right now LMAO). After walking around for some time my brother and I got kinda tired, so we stayed at the bottom floor, where the basketball court was, and watched a tournament that was going on at the time. Most of the boys there were around my age, maybe a tiny bit older. It’s kinda funny because my friends and I always joke around, saying that there are so many boys at our school, but none of them are cute- well it’s because all of the really cute ones are in Georgia! loll. But yeah apart from that they were actually pretty good at playing, so I really enjoyed watching them. After some time the younger generation stopped playing, and instead there were a bunch of older men playing and we felt kinda creepy watching them, so my brother and I decided to go to the top floor (to the food zone!) and drunk some “Dunkin’ Donuts”. I got “Dunkin’s original ice coffe”, which was disgusting, and a pink donut with sprinkles (which was good).

After we were done there, we met up with my parents again. My dad and I went to a shoe store called “Factory”, and he bought me my first Vans shoes ever. I got the black and white ones, and I’m literally in love. I love them so much! Even a year later, they’re still my favorite shoes. We all later sat down in a coffee shop / restaurant called “Khachapuri Hut” and ordered pizza. After we finished eating the pizza, we went to “Bershka” and I bought one shorts for my summer camp which was coming up, one jeans shorts, and a “Toy Story” shirt lmao. Around that time we decided that it was time to go, so we took a taxi back to the hotel.

At 5:50 PM we were sitting again in the same restaurant where we ate yesterday- “Tuk Tuk”. This time, I ordered “glass noodles with vegetables and eggs”, which was so so good!! Once we finished eating we went to the mall right by the hotel again, and my brother and I played in the arcade and earned more points. I later also went back to “Mini So” and bought there some more supplies for the next school year.

21.07.2019, Wandering Down The Streets, Preparing Ourselves To Say Goodbye

Good morning! So today was actually quite short as we didn’t do as much. We woke up at around 9:20 AM and at 10:00 AM we were aready sitting down and eating breakfast at our hotel. Then we left it, and took a cab to the “Dezerter Bazaar”, or basically a market. It was full and quite gogeous. I don’t remember a lot from it, but I do remember that later on we also walked around the streets of the city. We were all in a weird vibe, knowing that tomorrow we will be flying back home, after being in Georgia for more then two weeks. We stopped at a coffee shop, and I took this really cool picture which is probably my favorite one from the whole trip:

But well After going around for some time, we finally arrived to our favorite mall, the one by our hotel. My brother and I once again played in the arcade, and earned again, more points. We then went off to eat in the same restaurant, “Tuk Tuk”, I ordered fried chicken with veggies and cashew nuts, it was really really good! After that we returned to our rooms, and stayed there for the rest of the day- we had to pack our bags, and prepare ourselves for tomorrow.

22.07.2019, The Last Day

Good morning! (for the last time 😦 ). Today we woke up at 9:20 AM, again, ate breakfast and checked out from the hotel. We could leave our luggages there, so we did, while we went off to look for last minutes gifts for our friends and family. We went to the mall, and actually used all of the points that we’ve earned in the arcade (I think we got a notebook for my brother but I can’t remember). My mum and I waited for my dad and brother while they were looking for something in another store, so we sat on a bench and I showed her the “my name is Diego..” tik tok, but sadly she had no reaction lmao. I don’t think that she actually listened to the lyrics. Either way, once we returned to the hotel we took our luggages, and ordered a taxi that would drive us to the airport. The hotel owner even came and said goodbye, and helped us with the luggages. It was really nice.

The way to the airport was really hot and sunny, so we were all sweating like crazy, so we were so relieved to finally arrive. Once we checked in we still had so time, so we waited in a “Dunkin Donuts” for one last time. During the flight, when the plane took off, I had a bit of anxiety, but after some time I let go and was fine.

After we landed everyone on the plane clapped, so the vibe was quite cheerful and happy. On the ride home I listened to some songs and podcasts, but it felt weird seeing my dad and not a taxi driver sitting in the driver seat. But the weirdest part was actually arriving and entering our house. It just didn’t feel like home. Here’s what I wrote on the actual date, right after I went into my bedroom:

Maybe it’s because I’ve been away for such a long time, but as I’m writing this I’m sitting on my bed, and feeling as if it’s someone else’s. Looking at my bookshelf, and not sensing my personal connection to it. Even seeing the vans that I got on my bedroom floor doesn’t seem right. It all feels so unreal and strange, as if I’m a stranger inside a family’s home. Guess that I’ll have to make some changes in my room to change that. It’s funny how fast humans adjust to their surroundings. I was a guest at the “Flower Hotel” in a different country for about a week, and soon enough felt like it was my home. A home that was different then the one back in my country. I’m gonna miss that.
I just realized that I’ve never used Tik Tok in my actual room, only in Georgia. Never liked the influencers that I like now outside of Georgia. Never seen Stranger Things outside of Georgia. Will it all be different now? Will I think differently of the new people that I grew to love? It all feel so strange and very far away.

Adjusting back to my old house would take some time. Especially because of the fact that I go to summer camp in two days. But it’ll happen. Eventually.

I’m gonna miss Georgia. I’m gonna miss the long car rides besides the mountains, the beautiful view, maybe even staying with my brother in the same room. Always being with my family… being disconnected from the internet when I’m not in the hotel… I’ll miss that. So much.
Thank you Georgia, for being so kind with us. For having us, for letting us make new memories inside of your territory. Thank you 🙏

Thanks for keeping up with the “Georgia Diaries”. Peace ✌️

-ocean girl

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