Hello world, and welcome to blogmas day twelve!!

How have you all been? I’m excited to be posting again. Today, my mother and I went to a fun day in Tel Aviv, and I’m really excited to tell you all about it. Yesterday I returned back to writing and posting, and I posted my review on theβ€œevermore” album by Taylor Swift. You can check it out here if you’d like πŸ™‚ Anyway, there aren’t many updates or things that are important at the moment, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

December 13, 2020 πŸ’½

Alright. So we both woke up around 7:30, got prepare, and drove to the nearest train station. We barely got there on time, but soon enough we both got our tickets and hopped on the train. Our train ride was about an hour and twenty minutes long, and we had to keep it down because there were other people on the train as well, so we each did our own thing. At first I read about a chapter and a half of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, then I listened to some music through my headphones. Once we arrived to Tel Aviv we got off the train, and started to make our way by foot to the “Sarona Market”. All the way there we talked and it was great. It was a bit weird because I’m used to being in Tel Aviv with my friends, so being there with my mum felt funny. Also I’m walking really fast, while she walks slow as hell. But sure enough we made it to the market. The place was actually really sad looking, because everything was close. The Sarona Market is actually a food market, and usually you can find there many food stands. But almost everything ended up being closed because of the corona virus. Anyway, the place still looked really pretty. Here are two picture: one that I took on the way there, and another that I took inside of the market.

Afterwards we decided to leave, as there wasn’t much to do in the empty market. I knew a small shortcut, so pretty quickly we arrived to the “Fashion Mall”. It’s a pretty big mall, and my mum never went to see it, so I was excited to bring her there. However, just like the Sarona Market the place was really empty, so we ended up wandering around the streets outside of the mall. We found a few pets shops, and looked for something to get for my dog. We didn’t find anything, but it was still really funny looking around the stores, making fun of how fast she’ll ruin a certain toy and such. But anyway, at some point we decided to go over to “Dizengoff Center”, which is a huge mall.

We made it to Dizengoff Center, and went inside. I tried to look for some Taylor Swift records, but they only had 1989, which was way too expensive for my budget. I also tried to look for Harry Styles’ issue of Vogue, along with Taylor Swift’s latest issue of the Rolling Stones, but they didn’t have neither. We walked inside, and overall had a lot of fun. We actually ended up not buying there anything, but still we had a lot of fun. Funny story- when my mum was younger she used to visit and go to that center all the time, and there was one store that she loved the most. It was a “fairy forest” kind of store- super magical and all. This is actually a store that I love to visit with my friends! So we knew that we had to visit it. The only problem- Dizengoff Center is HUGE, and you almost always get lost in it. We literally went through the entire mall, but couldn’t find it. I ended up texting my friend and asking for her help, and only then we found the store. We didn’t get anything from there, but it was really funny ’cause we spent at least a good half an hour looking for it. We also saw a really cool music store, but the waiting line was so long so I just decided not to go inside at all.

a picture of the magical shop

We stopped for drinking an iced coffee, and left the center. We just walked around the streets of Tel Aviv, having so much fun. We looked around at the stores, talked, and searched for hand me down books and records. We found an old record store, and I brought there three records! I’m currently listening to them while typing this. We also found a super old book store, and even though they didn’t have many good books that I liked, I bought one for only 10β‚ͺ, which is a really really good price! Maybe I’ll make a haul of what I got in a future blog. But anyway, when we decided to go back we were really far away from the train station, so we took a bus. We were stuck in traffic, so during that time I took a better look at the book, and realized that we have that same book at home, in Hebrew. It was really cool! I never read it, and usually I prefer to read books in the original language they were written in if I can, so I don’t know, it was really cool and made me really excited and happy to read it. But finally we made it to the train station. We were starving, but because of covid you couldn’t eat inside the station. We bought some burgers and fries, and sat outside on the sidewalk to eat. We probably looked so funny, but that’s cool because we were so hungry we couldn’t care less. And finally, we were on the train, on our way home.

Oh! I forgot to add, when we were in the record shop, my mum bought an old Mariah Carey album that she used to listen to when she was my age. So on our drive back home we played it really loudly and she sang and it was really funny and lovely and great.

And That’s it! :))

There’s blogmas day twelve for you. Thank you for choosing to spend your time reading my blog. It means so much to me! Happy birthday to miss Taylor Swift, and happy one year since the release of “Fine Line”, Harry Styles’ second studio album. Take care of yourself and your friends and family, especially during these times. I hope you’re doing well! You’re so fricking golden, just let me adore you! <333 see you all tomorrow!

Toodles! πŸš‹

-ocean girl

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