Hello world, and welcome to blogmas day sixteen!

How have you all been? I hope that all is well! Not a lot changed since yesterday… My friend came over and we watched some TV and made pasta! Also I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. But that’s about it 🙂 Since 2020 was a wild year, in which we all stayed inside for quite a while, I bet that most people ended up spending a lot of time on streaming websites and apps. One of the most popular one is Netflix, so that’s the one I’ll be talking about today. We don’t really know for how long we’re gonna stay inside for, so I decided to share with you my top favorite shows on Netflix from this year! So here they are, in no particular order 🙂


The show You is following a guy named Joe, who at first seems like a normal person- he’s working in an old book shop, he’s super nice, good looking, funny, smart… Until he meets a girl named Beck. When Beck enters his little book shop, Joe talks to her and ends up developing a crush. However, soon enough that little friendly crush turns into an obsession- Joe does everything in his power to keep Beck safe and close to him, even if it means going completely out of line and doing things most people would not do. The show You is portraying a story line of one big true crime case, through the killer and the stalker’s’ eyes.

I really love true crime, so I immediately loved the show. Obviously, it’s not a real story, but it sure is an interesting one. I found myself confused quite a lot while watching the show. On one hand, there’s Joe- the main character, the one you’re rooting for. On the other hand, it’s pretty clear that Joe isn’t a good guy, that he isn’t someone that you should be rooting for. But then again, the show is from his point of view… It’s all very confusing and interesting. I really liked how smart and complicated yet easy to follow the story line is, even though sometimes I think that Joe is a complete idiot. In conclusion, the show You is a great show, especially if you like true crime. It’s going by fast, and you find yourself half way done before even realizing that you even started.


Brooklyn 99 is a show that portrays the every day life of the police officers in the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn in a comedic way. The show is fictional, so it’s not actually real officers and all, but it is quite funny. Every character has their own issues and problems, so seeing everyone together is quite interesting and funny. I don’t really have a lot to say about this show, except for the fact that it’s funny, serious at times, and definitely interesting. I loved how they covered in it many important issues with a touch of humor. Brooklyn 99 is such a great show, and I would recommend it to literally anyone.

How I Met Your Mother

The show How I Met Your Mother is about Ted Mosby, a father to two, who’s telling his kids the story of how he met their mother (obvious much?). However, instead of having a 5 minutes conversion about the matter, Ted spreads out the story onto 9 seasons, telling his kids all about the mistakes, the relationships and friendships that he experienced as a young man living with his friends in New York. The show reminded me quite a lot of Friends, yet, for some reason (don’t kill me) I liked it even more. I feel like apart from the humor, this show has some sense of seriousness to it, and you can’t help but fall in love with the characters and their stories. I found myself relating to every single character in one way or the other, laughing at their jokes and crying when they were sad. This show is also a good representation of how the journey is more important then the final destination (as the ending sucked in my opinion).

I would really recommend watching How I Met Your Mother if you’re looking for a show to binge watch, or the other way around- a show with short episodes that you can watch every now and then. It’s fantastic.


Moving right along How I Met Your Mother, a very similar show is Friends. Friends is a show following a bunch of friends, living and working in New York. It’s really funny, and just like the previous one, you can’t help but fall in love with each and every single character. It’s interesting and light, so you don’t end up feeling tired after watching it. I feel like everyone knows or have watched this show, so I won’t waste your time talking about it too much. It’s great, it’s funny, it’s relatable and you should definitely watch it if you haven’t 🙂

And that’s it for today’s blog!

Thank you so freaking much for reading and sticking around! We just hit 40 followers a few days ago, and I wanted to thank you so so so much! I can’t believe that that many people are interested in what I have to say. WEIRD. I’m so thankful! I hope that you take a good care of yourself, drink water and wear a mask! See you very soon!

Toodles! 🤎

-ocean girl

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