classic christmassy cookies 🧚‍♀️

hello world!

who doesn’t love cookies? whether it’s for a friend, for your mum or even for yourself, cookies are such a thoghtful gift to give to a loved someone. the recipe that i’m gonna share with you today is very simple, and you probably already have most of the ingredients at home.

The ingredients ( Servings – about 25 cookies )

❀ 1 cup of butter

❀ 1 cup of white sugar

❀ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

❀ 1 egg

❀ 2 teaspoons baking powder

❀ a pinch of salt

❀ 3 cups of flour

❀ some milk (as needed)

directions (once again, it is very easy!!)

step one– preheat the oven to 180˚ c. prepare a tray with baking paper on it.

step two– put the butter and the sugar in a mixing bowl, and mix until you get a smooth mixture. then add the vanilla extract, the baking powder and the egg.

step three– while you mix everything, slowly add in the flour- a little bit at a time. your dough would be very stiff, so you can add some milk if it gets to the point where you can’t mix it anymore. don’t add too much though- remember that it’s supposed to be a bit stiff. do not chill the dough.

step four– take small bits of your dough, and roll them out on a floured surface. take some cookies cutter and cut all different types of shapes out of the rolled dough. put the cookies on a tray.

step five– once the tray is full, place it inside the preheated oven for about 7 minutes. once the cookies are a bit golden, they’re good to go. leave them on the tray for a few minutes and wait for them to cool down.

step six- now that your cookies are ready to be decorated, it’s time to do just that!! personally, I really like to cover them with a thin layer of royal icing, so i’m gonna show you how to make one at home. and it actually is very simple! all you’re gonna need is 4 cups of powdered sugar, a tiny bit of salt, 1/4 cup egg white, and water! now all you need to do is pour everything to a bowl, and mix. you can add water if you need, depends on the type of consistency you want- if you want a really thick one, then only add a little bit. and if you’d like a thinner consistency, then add more water. you can also add an extract of your choice (and food coloring!!). you can use the royal icing you made along with some sprinkles and candy to decorate! ✨

and that’s it!!

once your done decorating, all you have to do now is simply eat your delicious cookies! make sure to tag me on instagram @ _winniebluee if you end up trying this recipe out 💗

toodles!! 🤍

-ocean girl

The Georgia Diaries ’01- Tbilisi & Kazbegi ✨


How are you all doing? I hope that you’re good. You clicked on this blog post, therefore you’ve read the title: I’ve been to Georgia! For about 19 days! Before we flew there, I decided to write down everything that happens during the trip. Kinda like in a diary. However, writing in a diary always seemed rather pointless to me as no one will ever read it. Which is why I decided to start this new short blog posts series: “The Georgia Diaries”. Basically, I will be posting short diary-like entries in each blog post, explaining where we’re going, what we’re doing, etc. Hopefully by reading the blogs you can get to know me better, and even feel like you’ve experienced everything with my family and I! You might also find this helpful if you’re planning on visiting Georgia, as I will be including all of the details from the trip. This would kinda be like a vlog, but in a blog form. Hey, blogs were here first! I would also like to mention that English is not my native language, so please ignore any mistakes that I will probably make, and keep in mind that I’m trying my best 🙂

One last thing before we head over to the first entry: so far two people have read my last blog post, and 18 people have visited my site! Thank you, it means everything to me

03.07.2019, TODAY IS THE DAY! arriving in Tbilisi

Today is the day! we woke up early, drove to the airport and went through hell (a.k.a the security line). It was hella long, but somehow it went smoothly. Then we entered every shopaholic’s dream: the Duty Free. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the duty free in Israel, but let me tell you, it’s huge. Which is why it came as no surprise when I started to feel stressed. I felt as if there was a big stone stuck inside my throat. My brother kept on bugging me and my parents weren’t much help. We had many bags and suitcases that made things worse, because I was left alone to keep an eye on them while my family went to do some extra shopping. Naturally, every other person seemed like a thief, and I felt as if I was being stared at. That was, until my dad came back and gave me an ice-coffee. Maybe it was the caffeine, or the brain freeze, but either way I started to feel much better. Soon enough my brother came back to sit next to me and I wasn’t alone anymore. We drunk iced-coffee, ate chocolate balls and laughed. I got a little anxious when the plane took off, which is something that never happened before, though I’ve watched “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” during the flight so I was alright. When the plane lend, everyone clapped.

As soon as we walked out of the airport, in Tbilisi, we changed our money to the locals’ one, and bought a sim for my parents’ phones, so they could communicate. At the shop, a middle-aged man got super close to us, and made me want to scream “yo, have you ever heard of personal space?” but of course I didn’t. I just moved to the side and waited there.

Walking outside was strange and magical, because everything was really similar to Israel, yet very different at the same time. As we were sitting in the backseat of a taxi, we noticed great and beautiful views. We noticed that some cars had their steering wheel on the left side, and some had it on their right side. Apparently, some cars were originally from England, while others were from the rest of the world. Pretty dope.

When arriving at the hotel, we found out that it was quite fancy. We stayed at the “Silver 34” hotel in Tbilisi. My brother and I stayed in one room, and my parents stayed in a different one. A few minutes after checking in we left the hotel and went on an adventure around the city. The streets, the people the smells and the noises all made me feel as if I was waking in a movie set. We sat down to eat inside a restaurant called “Friend’s House”. Looking back, it was expensive, and the food wasn’t good enough to justify the price. I would rate it 2 stars out of 5. At the time though, we thought that we found a cheap place with some okay-ish food.

After walking a bit more around the city, we bought some fruits (they sell them on the streets) and some things that we had to throw away at the airport (shampoo, deodorant, etc.) I also bought two cute pairs of socks! By this time it was getting late, and so we decided to head back to the hotel. Before going to sleep, I watched some Jane the Virgin. Then we close off the light, and dose off to sleep, with the moon keeping us company during our first night in the city.

04.07.2019, Aerial Tramway, Malls And Noah Centineo

Good morning, and happy 4th of July! Today we woke up at around 8:00 AM and left the hotel in order to look for a place to eat. At 10:00 AM we finally found a small place called “Entrée”. It had a very strong smell of chocolate. The food was great, would rate it 4/5 stars.

Once we were back outside, we went off to ride on the aerial tramway. The line was long. We shared a cell with a Russian family- well, they spoke Russian, but I guess you never know. They had a little girl that made funny noises. She was adorable. The view from up there was stunning! The cell arrived to our destination- the “Narikala”, which was on top of the cliff. We walked around the place, breathed the fresh air, enjoyed the nature and took some pictures (mostly of our surroundings… I would need to learn how to be more photogenic for this blog haha). We saw the “Mother Georgia Sculpture”. It is a giant sculpture of a woman, made of stone. You could see it from the city, when looking up at the mountains. It was amazing seeing it close-up. It really reminded me of the statue of liberty. After walking around for some time my brother and I got on a zip-line. It was really fun! I love those kind of activities. Being around the trees, feeling the mountains breeze…

Once we returned back to the city, we noticed that there are a lot of teenagers my age, trying to make money by selling tours around the city for tourists. One of them spoke to us in Georgian, and when we replied in English he asked: “would you like some water?” instead of “would you like to go on a tour around the lake?” when he realized his mistake he laughed it off, which made all of us laugh together (NOT SHAMING HIM! English is not my native language either, and there really is nothing wrong with making a mistake. It was just a moment that I wanted to share because it brings a smile to my face every time I think about it). 

We walked around the Bridge of Peace. It’s a big bridge, very unusual and wonderful (see pictures). In the middle of the bridge a man sat with his guitar and sung. Once we got off the bridge we wandered around until we arrived at the “Flea Market Dry Bridge”. Honestly? It should have been called the artists’ market. All around people sold their art- paintings, drawings, hand-made things… My brother bought himself a small giraffe painting.

At some point we got tired of the market, and it was getting really hot, so we took a taxi to the “Gold Market”. The Gold Market is basically a mall. A great place to go to if you’re planning on doing some shopping. I bought a new phone case and a face mask inside a shop called “Mumus”. At 2:00 PM we sat down to eat inside a restaurant called “Karvasla café”. I ordered pasta with tomato sauce. This restaurant disappointed me as well, and I’ve came to a conclusion why- I kept on ordering “modern food”, instead of their local one. A big mistake. Most of the restaurants only knew how to make local food, and that’s why the pasta, or the pizza that I ordered yesterday turned out the way they did. On the bright side, my dad’s reaction to the food was hilarious, because he is very sensitive to that so he really overreacted. It was funny.

Once we were done eating, we went to the bottom floor of the “Karvasla mall” (the restaurant is located inside the mall). My parents and brother drunk a cold coffee while I sucked on my lollipop lol. A not important fact- my mouth was completely blue afterwards.

We returned to the hotel to rest for a bit, and after a few hours we were back in the streets. My parents and I sat down at “Dunkin Dounuts”, which was a pretty big deal to me. Where I am from we don’t have Dunkin Dounuts, Starbucks, Taco bell or any of that. We don’t have a lot of junk food involve in my culture. Sadly that’s where all of the youtubers, celebrities and random teenagers hung out at. So sitting down there made me feel more normal and cool I guess lol. I ordered ice-coffee and a “pink monster” dounut. After that my mum and I shopped in some beauty stores that I forgot to write down their names, and in “H&M”. I got my first one-piece from there, and I am obsessed with it. We later entered an apple shop and my brother and I wrote some positive messages inside of their display tablets and phones. Outside of a “Calvin Klien” shop I saw a poster of Noah Centineo- yes, the same Noah Centineo that acted in the movie that I watched yesterday on the plane! It was really cool. We also entered my new favorite shop- “Mini so”. We do have this shop back at home, but here everything was so much cheaper, plus they sold stuff that I couldn’t get at home. I bought *6* new face masks (can you tell that I love ’em?). At this point of the night my body was aching so badly because I wasn’t used to walking so much for such a long time. We decided to call it a night, and returned to our hotel. I put on one of the face masks that I got today, and just chilled in bed, watching Jane the Virgin (again!) until I just decided that I should probably go to sleep. And that is, my friends, how our second day in Tbilisi played out.

05.07.2019, Arriving to Kazbegi and a coffee shop inside a bus!

Today at 8:00 AM we were already sitting & eating at the same place where we ate yesterday, “Entrée”. I ate the same things, too: omelet and vegetables, bread and hot chocolate. Yesterday we met a taxi driver named George, who agreed to come and pick us up from the hotel. So right after we were done eating, we packed our stuff, and hopped into his car. That’s how we started our three-hours drive to Kazbegi.

During the ride we stopped a couple of times to see the view (I added a video and some pictures), and one time at a gas station. I bought myself a juice box there. We drove on a road up the mountains and at some point we even started to see snow on the very top. It started to rain, too. I noticed some lights on the sides of the road that were shaped like little figures skiing down the mountains. This car drive was the most scary and magical ever. The view was breath-taking, yet the road was rather scary and not so smooth.

Once we arrived at Kazbegi we thanked George and paid him, and then entered our new home for the next few days- “Guest House 15”. The hosts were super welcoming and nice. After we settled in our rooms we went outside and wandered around. We ate dinner at a place called “Café 5046m”. my parents didn’t like it so much, but I really thought that it was nice. Yes, the food was expansive, but it was good. The waiters were a bit clumsy and bubbly, but they reminded me of my friends and I so I had no problem with that.

After we finished the food my parents wanted coffee (what’s new haha). So we sat down inside the “Awtobus Café”, or “Mondo” (I’m not sure which one is its name). it’s literally a coffee shop, built inside a bus. Would rate it 3.5/5- the hot chocolate I ordered (Ha!) was really bad, but the whole place was so cool that I didn’t even complaint.

Once we returned to the hotel my dad and brother played some ping-pong downstairs, and I sat in our room and wrote this 🙂


This took me forever! I hope that you liked it and that it wasn’t hollow or anything. Stick around for part 2! Also I found out that you can subscribe to a blog?! This way you basically get notified whenever I upload something new! So if you’d like to, please do that!

Toodles! ♡

-ocean girl.

Hello World!🌊

Hi! I’m “Ocean Girl” and I’m a 16-year-old teenage girl. I live in a pretty fine house with my little brother and both of my parents. I went to the same school and been in the same class with the same classmates for 9 years. I hanged out with the same friends and my life was pretty much the same roller coaster: sometimes you’re so high that you can almost touch the sky, and sometimes you’re so low that you can almost small something rot in hell. But either way, the rail cart is always staying on its track. And even if you’re scared, you can always look to the sides and see the familiar festival and surroundings, along with your family and friends, and some cotton candy to lighten up your day. That’s what my life was like, until last year, year ten. I outgrown my rail cart. Being with the same teachers and classmates just didn’t work for me as well as it did in the past. I got tired of having to go to the same place for over 9 years. I did not like what my school had to offer anymore. So I did what I had to do in order to make me happy: I switched festivals- I transferred schools.

“New school, new me”- fitting in a new school could get extreme. First impressions are suddenly important, because the way you present yourself in the first few days, is *usually* how the rest of your time in school would look like. You can either be the smart kid, the popular one, the jock… though for me, I never felt like I was any of those. Thankfully, I was able to find my place in my class, I even made new friends. Yet I still had to deal with new problems that I never had to deal with at my old school. Some of them are small, such as dealing with mean girls, getting rejected (and I’m not talking about relationship stuff), not reaching up to my teachers’ expectations… And being unable to be vulnerable. At my old school, we barely had any homework or tests. We also had long breaks in between classes and a ton of free time. So I would usually go to the side with my friends during lunch break, and have a really deep and long heart-to-heart conversations. We would sit in small groups of 2-3 people so that way we can really be our true selves. (here’s a tip for a better life lol: when you’re talking in small and intimate groups, people probably won’t judge you because they are likely to be their true selves as well. Plus, there is no pressure to be “Miss/Mister prefect” as there aren’t many people that are watching you. This isn’t a scientific fact though; I’m just speaking from personal experience).

By talking and having long conversations my friends and I were letting out steam, anxiety and stress. In my new festival, school, whatever- things are different. We have homework and tests on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We barely have any free time and the breaks that we do have in between classes are short. My friends are hanging out in big groups, and even though I love them a lot, it’s hard to talk about your feeling and being expose when there are about 10 pairs of eyes and ears who are looking at you and listening to you all at the same time.

Because of that, alongside many other reasons, over the past year I’ve became an anxious and stressful person. And well, that’s kind of a big problem. And problems should be taken care of. I have listed others earlier on in this post, but this problem is the one that is most important to me to solve. And so, I decided to take care of it. By creating this blog. (Jeez, I used the word “problem” way too many times in this last sentence).

The people who are reading this blog, you guys, probably don’t know me and never heard my name before reading this (unless you’re someone I know in real life. In that case, please stop reading and log off this website right now. Haha thank you bye), so you don’t have previous opinions about me. That means that the way I represent myself in this blog, is the way that you would see me and picture me in your mind. This means that I can be 100% myself, without anyone doubting me as no one knows better. Here you will get to know the real me, and not the polite new girl in class. And I don’t know you, which means that you can be 100% yourself too.

I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life, and it would be awesome if you guys could tag along. This could be our little corner on the internet, where we could chat about pretty much all of the things that you wouldn’t chat about in small talks (or anything in general, really).

And… I think that that’s it! Thank you if you made it this far. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


-ocean girl

P.S. Since this is the first blog post, and it doesn’t have a proper theme, I decided to add this random picture that I took the other day, of a flower. I had fun editing it, lol. Okay bye! ❤️