The Georgia Diaries ’02- Kazbegi & Mestia 🍂

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Welcome, or welcome back to another blog. First I would like to say that I’m fully aware of the current situation in America, and in the whole world really, which is why I decided not to post a “normal” blog last week. I fully support the BLM movement and everything else surrounding the topic, and am currently educating myself on the whole issue. As a white person who’s mostly surrounded by white people (and who doesn’t live in the US!) I barley get to see racism towards the black community in my everyday life, so I feel like I still need to research the subject more and to educate myself more before I’m able to speak openly about this, and about everything that’s currenty going on. And to the black community- I stand with you ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

On a whole different note, I will now go back to this series. I know that it takes me some time to upload this, but don’t worry, we’re almost there. So in case you missed my last blog post in the Georgia Diaries series (which you should check out btw), I went to georgia for 19 days, and in this series I’m pretty much telling you where my family and I went, what we did, etc. This could be helpful for you if you’re planning on visiting georgia, as I include the names of hotels, stores and restaurants that we’ve been to. If you’re not planning on going to georgia, you could still enjoy reading the stories and seeing the pictures (: So, let’s get started! Again, I advise you to first read “the georgia diaries ’01- tbilisi & kazbegi”, If you haven’t, as it would be easier for you to understand this blog better!

06.07.2019, Waterfall, Rain And A Cozy Restaurant

Today we were up by 8:00 am, then we went downstairs to eat breakfast. Our host made us a big Georgian breakfast. She included all bunch of stuff, and it was really good. I believe that we had to pay 10 GEL per person (it could be 20, I’m not quite sure) but it was totally worth it. I would rate it 5/5 stars. Then we returned to our rooms, and prepared ourselves for a nice day in the mountains. However, once we got there it started to rain really badly, that it became too dangerous for anyone to walk up there. So instead, the minibus driver that drove us showed us around the place. The car drive was so relaxing- listening to music and seeing great views. We finally stoped near a waterfall, and did a short track around it. We kinda got lost somewhere while walking, but at the end found our way back to the van just as it started to rain again. Then, we returned back to the hotel to rest. While my family took a nap, I finished watching the 4th season of “Jane The Virgin”, and well it was heartbreaking. This show is really awesome, and if you haven’t you should totally watch it.

At 7:00 pm we decided to go and eat somewhere. My mum read online that “Karaoke Restaurant” or “Cozy Corner” serves great food. We walked there (it was still raining a little bit) so once we arrived at the restaurant, completely soaked in water, it was more then amazing to find out that they heated the whole place. We entered a small wooden snack, full of tables made out of soft wood. Old songs and albums were playing in the background. The whole vibe inside the restaurant felt like it was taken out of a christmas film. The food was indeed amazing. It’s the best I’ve eaten so far. It was super duper spicy, but so yummy! It’s probably the first time since we arrived in Georgia that I’ve eaten properly (not including dunckin dounuts lmao). Would rate it a ten out of ten!!

08.07.2019, McCdonald’s, Superland And A Long Train Ride

Yesterday I took the day off… It can get kind of tiring, having to write down what’s going on in my day every single hour! But we pretty much just went hiking lol.

Today we woke up early (if feels like I’m saying that every single day haha), packed our bags, and prepared ourselves to go back to Tbilisi. Our hosts were so nice, they made us free breakfast before we left. Looking back, I was kind of glad that we left so fast- we were probably the loudest family in the whole hotel! Everyone were so quiet. We took a taxi to Tbilisi. The car ride was quiet, I had time to catch up and listen to some podcasts. When we arrived in Tbilisi we planned to take a train to Mestia, but we had a few hours to spare. We stored our luggages in a storage room by the train station, and left for a fun day around the city. While we were wandering around the streets, just walking, going with the flow, we found a local market. Personally, I do not like those kind of places (I don’t’s just making me anxious) so I was very relieved when we decided to leave and search for a place to eat. While we were looking around for restaurants, we found a very cute shop that sold art supplies and we bought quite a lot of things there! After walking for about another twenty minutes (but it felt like an hour), we finally found a nearby McCdonald’s. I was so hungry! once we finished our food (including a McFlurry!) we took a taxi to the “Mtatsminda Park”, or in other words, a superland! The place was huge, full of activities for all ages. We went on a roller coaster, a mirror labyrinth, a wax museum and so on. I truly had such an amazing time. My dad and I were the only ones that went on the roller coaster (it was my first time!) and I held his hand so hard, that I actually broke his watch, in the middle of the ride, AND IT FELL OFF. My dad only noticed that his watch was gone after we got off the ride, and after another group already went on. But, the employees let us look for it, and it actually stayed in my dad’s seat! the pressure caused it to stay on the chair, even when it was upside down. It was really funny, and they were able to fix the watch, so my dad wasn’t even mad. After some time it was starting to get late, so my family and I returned to the train station. We still had about 40 spare minutes, so we waited inside a coffee shop called “Coffeesta” in a mall. I drunk iced coffee, and my parents drunk the normal one (lol). We still had some time though, so my brother and I went inside a “Mini So” shop again (as I’m writing this, almost a year later, I’m happy to say that they opened one right next to my house!). I bought there three small bottles of lotion, “Adventure Time” version. Then, it was time to get on the train. Because we took the train during the night time, it was being separated into small rooms, four beds in each room. We found out that we accidentally booked my dad’s bed in another room. I started to get a bit anxious, but thankfully a nice old lady agreed to switch with him, so it all worked out. And just like that, we were on our way.

We had a very tough 10 hours ahead of us, being stuck inside a small room in a train, with no wifi (!!). I was really scared that I’ll lose my snapchat strearks looolll. We didn’t have plugs inside our room, so we had to charge our phones in the hallway, with the door open to keep an eye on them. While our phones were charging my mum and I played some card games- I won 4 out of 6 games! That was very exciting because my mum is usually really good. Finally at 11:18 PM we were done charging our phones, so we went off to sleep, only a few more hours ahead of us.

09.07.2019, Long Car Drive, Stranger Things And Doing Laundry!

Today we woke up actually early, at around 5:30 AM on the train. I couldn’t get a lot of sleep last night, as I wasn’t used to the uncomfortable beds, the room was unsteady and overall I felt really gross. I wasn’t able to brush my teeth before going to bed and after waking up, and my legs were dirty after wearing sandals all day. But alas, we got off the train about an hour later. After that we got on a minibus that drove us to Mestia. It should’ve taken us about two hours to get there, but the driver drove slower then my mum, so it ended up being three and a half hours. On the way to Mestia I felt tired and gross, and very annoyed with the driver, but looking back, I remember it very positively. We were driving up the mountain, and the view was so beautiful. I listened to some podcasts again. Also, it was probably a good thing that the driver drove so slow, because looking back the road was pretty dangerous.

Once we arrived in Mestia, we went stright to our hotel which we booked onine. It is called “Irina’s Guesthouse”. At first I didn’t realized how nice the place was, because all I could think about was how I needed to get into the shower (oh my lord I never wanted to shower so badly). But really, the owner’s garden was right underneath my window, and it was truly lovely. It is a guesthouse, so naturally it ain’t a 5 star Hilton hotel, but for the price it was great. We stayed in our rooms for some time, cleaned ourselves up, then around 11:00 AM we went off to eat. We sat down at the “Laila Cafe Bar”. After that we returned to our hotel again, and stayed there for a few hours, because we really needed to rest after the train ride. I watched some “Stranger Things” (oh god that’s so nostalgic!).

After my parents woke up from their nap, and I finished watching a few episodes, we decided to go and wander around on the streets. My brother decided not to come with us, so he stayed in our room. Apparently, a school or dance school was putting on a show for everyone to come and see on the streets. Students my age and younger were wearing fancy outfits, dancing and preforming so beautifully! My dad loves music, and dancing, so he stayed there longer and watched, while my mum and I kept walking around, still enjoying the music. After that we also returned to the hotel and did some much needed laundry. Once were done, my brother joined us and we found our dad at the same place where we left him. Together, we all went to a restaurant/coffee shop called “Shoita”. We sat on the balcony and ate. The view was good, and so was the food but the service wasn’t so great, it left me quite frustrated. It was the afternoon, so we again returned to our hotel and I again watched some episodes of “Stranger Things”.

At 8:13 PM we went out one last time, and sat down to eat dinner at a restaurant called “Sun-Seti”. The food was great, the service was great, the vibe was great- loved it. After We finished eating it was really late, so again we returned to our hotel, and once again, I watched “Stranger Things”.

And well, that’s it for now!

I really don’t want this blog to be too long, so I’ll have to continue updating you on the next one 🙂 My back camera isn’t working, so I’m gonna continue uploading the Georgia Diaries series for a while, as I can’t take pictures for new content. Also, again, I am planning on uploading a blog speaking about the BLM and raising awarness as soon as possible 🙂 My instagram is if you wanna check it out! I’d love to talk with you. I’m not too active there at the moment as I don’t have a camera, but I will for sure be once I recieve my new phone 🙂 but that’s it for now! see you next Sunday.

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