How To Make Coconut Cookies! 🥥

Hello world!

How’s everyone? 🙂 I’m finally posting regularly, every Sunday and Thursday, which is great! Also my mum is doing a lot better, turns out that she simply felt a bit ill after taking the vaccine. I’ve also been able to volunteer a lot more, and BAKE! so yesterday I made some really good and sweet coconut cookies, and I wanted to share the recipe with you! The cookies took me about 30-40 minutes to make, including waiting for the cookies to bake in the oven. It’s probably the easiest recipe I’ve ever followed, and I took it out of an old book in Hebrew which my grandpa got me back in 2010 lol. You can get the book right here.


  • 200g powdered sugar
  • 200g ground/shredded coconut
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil

Step one-

Take all of the ingredients, and mix everything together in a bowl. Then, take a baking tray and place a piece of parchment paper on it. Make small balls out of your mixed ingredients, and place the balls on the baking tray. Take a spoon (or your hands) and gently press the balls and flatten them. Make sure to leave some space between the cookies, because they will spread out in the oven!

Step two-

Place the tray in a pre-heated oven (about 150C) and wait for about 10-15 minutes! Then take the cookies out of the oven, let them cool down for some time and that’s it! Enjoy eating them 🙂

And that’s it you guys! Thank you so so much for reading! Let me know if you end up making these cookies, I’d love to know! Also thank you so much for 50+ followers, that’s insane. That’s more than the amount of students in my class lol. CRAZY. Thank you! Drink lots of water, treat yourself and stay safe! I love you and am proud and thankful for you! See you next Sunday!

Toodles! 🍪

-Ocean girl

Life Update & “The Devil All The Time” Review! 🎥

Hello World!!

what’s up you guys? How have you been? I really hope that you’re doing well and that you’re safe and healthy. So maybe you have or haven’t noticed, but I’ve been gone for three weeks now. I had to take a break for reasons that I shall soon update you on. But first- we hit 23 followers? What the hell? My last blog post, 10 tips for working and studying from home did really well! So thank you so so much for that. I truly appreciate it! And welcome if you’re new 🙂 But now, I decided to come back and both update you on my life, and review a film that I recently watched- ” The Devil All The Time”. So enjoy your reading!

So actually, the last time that I posted was on exactly September 1st, the first day of school. I started my senior year, my last year in high school, and was really excited. Even though everything is so weird in the world, my school decided that it would be safe enough to go back to learning in person- but oh, they were wrong. I was in school for exactly four days, before I had to be isolated. Since this is our senior year, students from my grade decided to buy many fabric masks with our school’s logo on it, and give it to students from all over the school. It took exactly four days for the first kid to catch the virus, and since everyone wore those fabric masks, which, by the way, aren’t protective in any way, we were in big trouble. The guy that got sick with the virus is in my psychology class, and the day before he got diagnosed I spent 4 hours with him in class. Thankfully, we both wore the blue, store- bought, medical mask, and after taking a test to see if I had corona I tested negative, which was such a relief. However, I still had to be isolated in my room for two weeks just in case. Those two weeks were not fun, as besides going totally insane in my room, I also had to be taking classes in zoom. Each teacher thought (and they still do think so) that we are “so bored” at home, so I recieved crazy amount of homework. I lost motivation to do anything, which is why I haven’t been able to post anything in a whie. It’s been three days since those two weeks, and I already feel so much better. Something good that did came out of this is that I actually practiced playing my ukulele a lot, and also kinda learned to play the keyboard! I’m currently learning how to play “Clair de lune” by Debussy, and I truly love it 🙂 I also have been reading! so expect some book reviews coming up your way.

One thing that I realized while being stuck alone with my thoughts for forever, is that I really should live my life more. I enjoy telling stories, but I don’t have anything to say. Why? I should do what makes me happy, I should stop being on my phone all day. Watch a film if you can’t go out, read a book and educate yourself. Watch the sunrise from your window… I’m definitally going to be working on myself in that sense, and will be sure to post all about it here. Actually, I’m really planning to be a whole lot more active now. Hey, I’m at home anyway, right?

I’ve been truly blessed with parents who are overall good listeners, and I’ve sorta started seeing them as friends, in the best possible way, especially my mum. I’ve been also blessed with the cutests dog ever, and she definitally made this whole thing easier and full of laughter and joy. Other then that I’ve been meditating quite a lot, and buying the weirdst things on AliExpress. But that’s it for now, for my short life update. As I will be posting more often I could get into more details about my day 🙂

So. “The Devil All The Time”. Well, it is safe to say that I was really looking forward to that movie. You see, I’m a long time Spider- Man fan, and a big fan of Tom Holland in particular. I also feel like it is the destiny of every straight girl to fall in love with Robert Pattinson at some point, so there’s that. This movie is full of so many incredible actors and actresses, that I didn’t even care about the plot, I was simpy excited to watch their work. Well, I was disappointed.

The film was alright, the visuals were amazing. I just didn’t enjoy seeing the plot. I feel like I would have loved to hear the story on a crime podcast or something, but there was something about seeing everything unfold, and actually *seeing* things as they are, that was kinda hard to watch and even to process for me. The characters were all so very religious, and as a young adult who’s still trying to figure out her thoughts on the matter I found some parts hard to watch because of that. However, I will say this, I loved how in the end it all came around and everything got resolved. There were also many actors and actresses that I didn’t realised were in the movie until after seeing it, and it was super cool to see. I loved Robert’s acting- he was so good, I didn’t even think about him being Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen or even Cedric Diggory- I saw Reverend Preston Teagardin, and no more. Tom’s acting was also great, though I kept seeing him as Peter Parker which personally to me was nice. I have seen Spider-Man more times then I could count so maybe that’s on me.

Overall I feel like I came to see this movie with big expectations, which is why I was let down. Also, this isn’t the kind of movie that I would normally watch, and like I said, the reason I wanted to see it in the first place was because of the cast. I feel like I simply watched it at the wrong time- maybe if I’ll re-watch it in a few years, my opinion would change 🙂 Would I recommend “The Devil All The Time” to a friend? Sure. I feel like this is the kind of movie that you have to watch and decide for yourself. Would I watch it again? Not right now, maybe in a few years.

Well, yeah!

So that’s it for today. I really hope that you enjoyed reading this blog, and I’m thankful that you’ve choosen to spend your time reading it. Also thank you again for 23 followers! That’s so cool. It’s like a whole small class haha.

Chile, I’ll talk to you all in my next post! If you haven’t make sure to follow “ocean girl” for more posts like this! And check out other posts if you’d like. As always, take care.

Toodles!! 🧦

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Story Time- A Day At The Beach

Hello World!

How have you all been? I hope that you’ve been taking care of yourself. I started working last week, trying to save some money before school starts, which is why I had to miss one week of posting. I’m back now though! I still have to catch up with some of your blog posts, so I’ll be doing that asap. My last blog post was a kinda a heavy one, which is why I decided that this week I wanted to post something a bit more chill and fun. I still wanted to be creative though, so I tried telling you a story time of my day at the city and the beach with my friend, in a more of a creative, story-like way! I’ve never done anything like this, but I kinda like how it turned out. Let me know what you think about it, and enjoy your reading!

Wednesday, 5 August 2020 – going to the city + the beach with my friend

It was a warm, sunny Wednesday. School has been out for a while now and students were filling up the streets, the malls and the beaches, happy that the weight of the last year was finally lifted off their shoulders. Tel Aviv was the main attraction for these people- a big, beautiful city thats got it all- high buildings, malls, stores full with almost everything you’ve ever dreamed of, a sunny beach with many parasols decorating the sand, making it the most colorful place you’ve ever seen. People from all across the country made plans to visit the city and enjoy a day off, as did my friend, Cydney, and I. We woke up early, and met at the nearest train station. We were wearing our masks, of course, and had to print a special ticket for the train at home. Before getting on the train, we went inside the small bakery that was located by the station, and we each payed for two small and fresh croissants. Soon after that we were already sitting inside the train, preparing ourselves for the two hours ride ahead of us. But, unlike what we thought, the time flew by quicky- we each read a book that we’ve brought from home, listened to music and ate the croissants. Soon enough the train stopped, and a male’s voice echoed inside of the train – “the train will now arrive at the city Tel Aviv”. Excited and nervous, Cydney and I collected our bags and got off the train.

The train station in Tel Aviv was under the ground, so we had to walk up a long row of black stairs. When we finally made it to the top, the sun light washed our faces as we glared up to the high buildings, taking in the fresh air. The roads were packed, but the noises coming from them were nice, different. Cydney and I looked at each other and smiled. “Should we head to the beach? do you know where we should go?” Cydney asked me, and I replied, “I think I know where it is. I know where it’s supposed to be”. Happy and excited, we were on our way. We walked down the streets, looking all around us with excitment. We both live in quite a small town, and after being quarantined in our houses for a good 5 months, coming to the big city was a good change of air. We kept on walking for some time, exchanging stories from quarantine- I told her all about my dog, and the book that I was reading. I also told her how excited I was because Taylor Swift just released a new album. She told me about her family and books, and how excited she is to see her grandparents again. At some point we entered a store and bought there some snacks to eat at the beach.

After about a good 40 minutes we kinda… got lost. Yes, we knew where we were supposed to go, but we weren’t sure how we were gonna get there. After using google maps we realized that the way to the beach was quite long, and that we needed to take the bus. We walked around the city, searching for a bus station. The walk was quite tiring, for the sun wasn’t so fresh and warm after such a long time walking- it started to burn our skin and give us a headache. But sure enough we soon found the bus station, just as our bus arrived. We hopped on it quickly, paid for the ride, and sat down. During the ride we barely looked outside the window, as for as far as we knew, our stop was the last one. We talked, laughed and made jokes. After about 15-20 minutes, I realized that something has to be wrong. It took us way too long to arrive, and after taking a closer look at where we were, I realized that we did take the right bus, but that it was going the wrong way. It took us forther away from the beach rather then getting us closer to it. I hesitated telling that to Cydney, since we already walked for 40 minutes because of me. But after two more stops I pulled her arm, took our bags and said “I think we should get off here”. At first she didn’t ask many questions, but as soon as we got off the bus she turned to look at me and said, “we were going the wrong way, weren’t we”. “Yes, but that’s totally okay, we got this, all we need to do now is cross the road and take the same bus,” I said. “Don’t worry!” I added, knowing that she had a tendency to freak out over stuff like that. “Sure…” she said, as we started to cross the road.

When we first got off the bus I didn’t pay a close attention to our surrounding, as I was busy with calming down Cydney. But now I realized how strange the place was- it was a lot more crowded and loud. The streets weren’t as clean as they were before, and the only people walking around seemed to be religious (judging from their clothes). It didn’t bother me much, but then a different bus passed by and Cydney said, “hey… we’re no longer in Tel Aviv, we’re in Bnei Brak!” Bnei Brak is a religious town, right by Tel Aviv. She pointed at the bus, which had a sign that said “Tel Aviv”, meaning that it was heading that way. I looked aside, and saw a group of teenage boys, playing soccer while being all dressed in black suits “…..Shit”. I said. “My parents are going to kill me!” Cydney said, and I knew that she was right- her parents did not let her go too far away by herself, and it was a miracle that they even allowed her to come with me to the city. “Hey hey, we’re on our way to Tel Aviv! really, don’t worry”, I tried to calm her down again. As soon as we arrived at the bus station a bus stopped, and we just hopped on it, asked whether it was going to Tel Aviv or not, and when the driver told us that that’s where it was headed we both took a seat and waited.

The ride was about 30 minutes long, and we had to switch to a different bus in the middle, but it was fine. We listened to music- I played her “august” by Taylor Swift and she played me “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses. We both were feeling a lot better, knowing that we were now safe inside of Tel Aviv, and were heading in the right direction. Soon after getting on the second bus Cydney started to make jokes about how stupid our luck was, and it immediately broke the ice. Once we started catching glimpses of the sea, I felt even better, as the sea is my “safe place” (heck, even my name on here is “ocean girl”!).

Once we got off the bus we faced a whole different view from the one before- a long, dry road that lead to the sand. The sand spread out beside the road, matching it. Above those two were the blue sky, fitted in big, fluffy clouds. The sea was closing in everything, completing the picture with a touch of light blue. “Yay! We finally made it!” Cydney said, and I smiled back in return. We did make it, finally. It was 14:46 already, and so we decided to change quickly and go for a swim.

After a short visit in the restroom, and after renting a parasol on the beach, we layed down on our spreaded towels and sighed with relief, breathing in the salty air. We ate our snacks, made jokes and talked for some good time. It was a bit different then our previous conversations- we now had nothing to worry about, nowhere to go to. We were simpy sitting by the beach, enjoying life.

Soon after we got tired of sitting and talking, so we decided to actually try to go into the sea. We placed our phones, wallets and keys inside of a plastic bag, and buried it in the sand beneath our towels. That way, if someone tried to steal our stuff it would take them a longer time to reach it, and we would be able to notice it by then. We cleaned after ourselves and walked to the sea. The water wasn’t too warm or too cold- it was just right. We placed our legs inside, letting the salty water wash all of the day’s dirt that stuck on to our flip flops. We laughed as the wind brushed out our hair from our faces, enjoying the peaceful moment, trying to forget all of the worries and the stress that we’ve experienced in the last five months.

The way back was short and simple unlike what we went through in the morning. Finding the right bus was way easier now, and we arrived at the mall (in which the train station is) 20 minutes after deciding to leave the beach. We still had an hour to waste before our train arrived, so we decided to go and find a place to eat. Cydney ended up ordering pasta, while I ate a salomon bagel. It was really good. We still had some more time, so we decided to spend it inside the shops- we looked around, pretty tired at that point, and tried to enjoy ourselves.

While sitting inside of the train, we each listened to our own music. I listened to some classical music (yes yes, I know how it may be boring for some people, but I find it fascinating) and actually fell asleep on the way home. Most of the time we would both look at the changing views outside the window, and every now and then one of us would make a comment about the day, sharing funny memories and such. We were mostly quiet. When the view became more similar, and we started to recognize some buildings, I said my goodbye to Cydney, hugged her and thanked her for the awesome company. I got off the train one stop before her, and made it just in time for the bus that took me home. And that was how my amazing day at the city and the beach with my friend went. It was really fun and funny, and it was something that I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time now. Of course, Cydney is not my friend’s real name, but it seemed rather cute so I choose to use it 🙂

I would like to truly thank you so much for spending your time reading this blog, or any of my oldest ones that you’ve read. It means so much to me, and I truly hope that you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Also, this feels like another great time to note that English isn’t my native language, so please don’t roast me if I made any mistakes 🙂

Subscribe to the blog if you want to see more stuff from me, and feel free to share whatever has been on your mind lately. I’m a pretty good listener 🙂 Take care of yourself- you deserve it. See you next Sunday, hopefully!

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Losing A Friend

(Trigger Warning- I will be talking about a friend that I lost last year. )

Hello World!

How have you all been doing? I hope that everything is well and that you’re managing to stay somewhat sane during this weird time. Lately I’ve been able to read a lot more, I just finished reading my second book since the beginning of august, which is two books more then I read this entire year. “Me Before You”, by Jojo Moyes, is one of them. I would love to write a review on that book in another post someday maybe, but in this blog I would like to talk about the feelings that I felt after finishing it. This book talks a lot about life and death, and it really got me thinking about something that I’ve been putting off for a long time.

When I was eleven, just going into 6th grade, my parents told me that we will be moving to a different country and that I will be going to a new school. Of course, I was sad, scared and nervous. I never switched schools before and I didn’t know anyone from that country. We moved there during summer break, about a month before school started. My mum signed me up to the girls’ volleyball team that started training in the summer, so I could get to know some of the girls before starting 6th grade. This was probably the best thing that she could’ve done, even though I hated every second of training at the time. I knew no one, I had no intention of getting to know anyone either. I was mad at my parents for taking me away from my friends, for putting me into a school that I didn’t want to go to. Nonetheless, I still went to every single practice. I saw all the girls whispering and looking at me, and I felt awful. One time during practice I locked eyes with one of the girls, let’s call her Bella. At that moment I just knew: we were not going to be friends. She was kinda mean to me in a polite way, if you know what I mean. I didn’t really care at the time, I simply left it as it was. On my first day of school I found out that she was in my class. We were pretty mean to each other- blocking each other’s exit, giving each other death stares from across the room, etc. Looking back, I really don’t know why.

Around a month after that first day all of the girls from my class were playing volleyball during our break time, including Bella and myself. At some point during the game, one of us, I can’t remember which one, passed the ball to the other. We both slowly started only passing the ball to each other, without saying a word. After that break was over, Bella and I started being nice to each other and slowly became friends.

We were never BFFs, but we were on pretty good terms. I was her classmate, and she was mine. I remember one time, when I got to school early and only the both of us were there, she showed me her legs, after shaving them for the first time. She was so excited and happy, feeling quite mature, I assume. When I asked her if a cut that she got from the razor blade hurt, she smiled and said, “You do what you gotta do”. We both laughed at that, and all was well.

Two years later my parents told me that we were moving again. I saw that one coming, because I knew that we would only stay in our new house for a short time but, I was still really sad. On my last field trip with my class, a few months before the end of 7th grade, I decided to go to all of the students who I ever been mean to and apologize (it was only Bella and another boy lmao I wasn’t a bully, don’t come at me). I went up to her and said sorry for my behaviour at the beginning of the previous year. She smiled at me, said that she was also sorry, and we hugged. It seemed to make her quite happy, and maybe she felt like we were much closer afterwards, because she threw me a “goodbye party” at her house. I was very surprised, but I was also young so I didn’t think too much about it. She hanged up many photos of me and my friends, and glued an image of me on a notebook in which the rest of the class wrote their phone numbers and nice messages. After the party I said goodbye to everyone, and we moved. In the next two years I didn’t think of her very often, and if I did then it was only because we sometimes talked on snapchat or I saw her instagram stories or photos. I never really thought about how she was doing- after all, I never felt like we were really close. To me, she was mainly a classmate.

But at the beginning of my freshman year in high school (in a different school of course) she got diagnosed with cancer. I had her in my mind, and I would follow her stories and updates on social media, but I didn’t feel like it was my place to say anything to her. We haven’t talked in two years, and it seemed to me kinda fake and wrong to simply text her saying how much I love her, when we both know that I would’ve never done so if she wasn’t sick. I also didn’t want to offend her for that same reason. She was pretty positive on social media, but our mutual friends told me otherwise. in the beginning of my sophmore year, when she got really sick, I decided to dm her on instagram. We chatted for a bit- I told her that I wasn’t sure whether to text her or not, because we really aren’t that close, but that I do care for her very much and am here if she ever needs me. She texted me back, saying thank you and promising to update me if anything changed. She never did, and I never asked.

Around august 2019, right after I returned from summer camp, my mum took me aside and told me that Bella passed away a few days before. Normally I’m quite an emotional person (I’m a pisces, for god’s sake!) but I was okay. I was in a bit of a shock, but I didn’t cry. I didn’t know what to do, really. It felt very weird, like I was supposed to be sad, but also not, because I haven’t seen her in longer then three years. During my junior year in high school I still thought of her every now and then. Our mutual friends would post her pictures on the instagram, saying how much they miss her. But it wasn’t until I read “Me Before You” that it hit me- she was once very much alive, but no longer is.

It was very diffucult for me (and it still is) to wrap my mind around the idea that she simply isn’t here. Because I live too far away from that area, and because she wasn’t that present in my life, I never felt that change. Until now. It’s terrifying to think that a few years ago I saw her slowly growing up- playing volleyball, shaving her legs for the first time, hunging out with her friends- but her life stopped. She never turned into the woman that I saw her turning into. It’s terrifying. It made me realise that no one is safe- anything could happen at any given moment, and you will never know when’s the last time that you’d experience something, or see someone.

I feel pretty bad for the way that I acted- I should’ve tried harder, check in with Bella on a daily basis… even though I didn’t see her as a very close friend, she clearly saw something in me if she decided to throw me a goodbye party at her house. I know that I never wanted to hurt her, which is why I never insisted to recieve updates from her- I didn’t want her to think that I’m only asking because I feel bad. I’m very glad that at some point I did say something, I did try to recover our friendship- but after I sent that message the ball was in her court- it was her choice whether to keep on texting me or not. Or was it?

I still have no idea what to say or how to cope, because it all just hit me two hours ago. I really felt the need to share all of this with someone- so there you are.

But I guess that that’s it. I’m still thinking about her, especially now, and I was wondering- how to you deal with something like that? It there a specific thing that I could do? I normally don’t get many comments on my blog posts, which is fine- I still had the opportunity to get this off my chest- but know that if you also are dealing with a loss of a loved someone, I am more them happy to hear you out. Feel free to share your story and struggles in the comments- I might not be able to understand, but I can help lift some of the weight off your shoulder.

Thank you so much for choosing to spend your time on reading my blog. It realy means a lot. Take care of yourself!

Toodles! 🔮

-ocean girl

Using The CeraVe Products For Two Weeks- Review 🧴

Hello world!

How have you all been? What’s new? I finally started my summer break, which is super exciting! Even though I’m stuck at home just like most of you (I believe) I still have more time for myself. I started to read again, and it’s really fun and amazing. I’m actually currently getting a card for the library! If you’d like to, you can tell me what’s your favorite book in the comments, and I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂 I’ve also been able to talk with my friends more, and hang out with my dog!

So apart from those things I’ve also been able to use social media more, for better and for worse. I follow a bunch of skincare pages on instagram and tik tok, and I’ve noticed that almost all of them post many good things about the “CeraVe” skincare company. I’ve been struggling with acne and dry/ oily skin for some time now, so I’ve decided to give it a try. My mum and I went to the store, and got the “Hydrating Cleanser” and the “Moisturising Lotion” by CeraVe, and I’ve been using just these two products along with sunscreen for around two weeks.

Before starting to share with you how it effected my skin, I think that it would be more helpful if you knew what my skin type is. So my skin is basically what they call “combination skin”, meaning that my “T” zone (forehead, nose and chin) is oily, while the rest of my face is dry. Here’s a sketch I found on the internet that might be helpful for a better understanding.

So the products that I bought were for normal to dry skin, as I couldn’t find for a combination skin. My first impression of the products was great! The texture was so soft and light. I did not like how the cleanser felt on my face, it felt quite oily, but the lotion was so great, and I got used to it after using it for a couple of days. The lotion dissolved quite quickly on the skin, as you can see in the pictures, which I counted as a pro.

After one week of using it, I didn’t see that much of a difference in the T zone, but my cheeks were so soft and felt clean. Usually I tend to have very red cheeks, and I could actually see that they became a bit pinkish and not so red like they usually are after using the products. After two weeks of using both of the products, I was able to see a slight change in my forehead, and whenever I got a new zit, even though it wouldn’t go away over night, it definitely became way less swollen and kinda dryed out quickly.

In conclusion, I think that the products did a very good job overall. They were meant for dry skin, so where my skin is dry, they worked perfectly fine. I think that if you’re looking to try out some new skincare products you really shoud give these a go, just make sure that the products that you pick are meant for your skin type. If you don’t know your skin type, you can simply look it up! There are also many quizzes that you can take to find out. Also, I would recommend to also continue using other products- when I tried them, I stopped using my toner, serums and more, which is maybe why it didn’t work as much as the reviews claim it would! But I don’t know, I’m not a proffessional lol. Either way, I would give the “Hydrating Cleanser” 3/5 stars, and the “Moisturising Lotion” 4/5 stars.

And I guess that that’s about it! I’ve never actually done a review before, so, I’m hoping to get better and better 🙂 Thank you so much for choosing to spend you time reading my blog, it means a lot. If you’d like to, you can check out other blog posts! You should be able to see them if you scroll down a bit. You can also follow my blog if you’d like to see more from me!

As always, take care.

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The Georgia Diaries ’05- Tbilisi 🍜

Hello World!

Hey, how have you all been? This is my last week in school, whoo! I’m super excited to be done with year 11, it has been one of the longest and weirdest year of my life and I’m excited to start my last year in high school. can’t wait for it to be over lmao. But speaking of things ending, I’d like to welcome you to the last blog post in the Georgia Diaries series! If you’re new here, last summer my family and I flew over to Georgia and spent 19 days there! In this blog series, I basically share my experience. This series could be quite helpful for you if you’re planning on visiting Georgia once it’s safer, and if not, you can still enjoy reading my stories and entires of each day and maybe even feel like you’re with me and my family! Sadly, this is the last post in this series. It is going to be a bit longer then my previous blogs, as this one will incude five entries and not four. (Also while I’m writing this- TAYLOR SWIFT JUST RELEASED A NEW ALBUM AND MUSIC VIDEO AHHH).

Well, this intro is long enough, so lastly before we start, I suggest that you first read the previous blogs, or at least the last one I posted, as it would be easier for you to understand. But let’s just get into it 🙂

18.07.2019, New Rooms, Eating Ice Cream At The Top Of A Canyon And Playing In The Arcade

Good morning! Today we woke up at 8:00 AM, got ready and went off to eat breakfast at the hotel’s dining room. After that, we got called to switch rooms. Apparently, the rooms we originally booked were already being used, so they just placed us in different rooms. But now the hotel’s manager asked us if we’d like to switch to the original rooms, as the guests who stayed there left. We agreed of course, and holy cow. The rooms were so big and nice! We always book two rooms- one for my parents, and one for my brother and I. The room that my brother and I got was so nice! We each had a double bed, there was a window wall, a small desk where we could sit and draw/write and a huge bathroom. It was super exciting and cool (the hotel we stayed in is called “Flower Hotel”, I would really recommend it!). After we moved our bags to the new rooms we went off to hike. We took a taxi, and drove for two hours until we arrived to the “Dashbashi” canyon. The taxi driver came with us to show us the way, as we walked down the canyon. The walk there was pretty simple, I mean we were walking downhill which is always easier, but when we almost got the the bottom, it became a bit harder as we had to climb over big rocks. At the end we saw the most beautiful lake and a breathtaking waterfall. It was really pretty and definitly worth the climbing. The way back from there wasn’t as fun, because walking uphill is always harder. We were sweating and it was really hot and sticky, but at the top of the canyon there’s a small store (there’s only one store so it wouldn’t be hard to find it) and my dad bought us all some chocolate ice cream, which is always fun lmao and cool us down a bit.

When we arrived back safely to the hotel, 2.5 hours later, I took the best shower of my life. The bathroom was so big and nice, and I had so much free space. The lighting there was super majestic and magical as well. By 5:08 PM we were all already clean, sitting inside a Thai restaurant called “Pao Tomyam”. My family and I spent over 10 months during my 8th grade in Asia, about 5 months in Thailand (a story for another time). So we really love Thai food and are quite used to it by now. We were excited when we found a local Thai restaurant, but… after sitting inside for some time we were quite disappointed. The place was so full of smoke, and through an open door to the kitchen we saw how unhygienic it was. I ordered vegetarian pad thai, which was really good, but I had to finish eating it as quickly as possible, because my family couldn’t breath inside the restaurant (my brother has asthma… I had a hard time breathing as well, but it wasn’t nearly as bad). In conclusion, the food was great, but the surrounding not so much.

After I finished my meal (there’s always that one slow eater in every family… I am the bitch named Becky lmao) we went to the mall. I went to a “Mini So” store again, probably for the 100th time during this trip, and bought a cute, light-blue water bottle and a bunch of face masks. After that my parents gave my brother and I some money, and we went off to spend it. First we went to a McCdonald’s. We bought “coca cola” for my brother, “cherry soda” for me and fries for the both of us. Once we finished drinking our drinks and eating the fries we went to the arcade which was on the top floor, and bought there a bunch of tickets in order to play. We played for a good 30 minutes or so, and together earned 73 points, which is really good! It was really fun, and knowing that we were gonna stay in Tbilisi for the next few days we kept the points in order to spend them all at the same time once we earn enough.

19.07.2019, A Water Park And The Lion King

Today we woke up at 9:00 AM. Oh, sweet life. We ate breakfast at the hotel as usual. Today, we were going to a water park! I love water parks. They’re so much fun! Yesterday, a bunch of pictures of Tom Holland and his “new girlfriend” Olivia got released, and the fandom is going crazy. I remember being so annoyed at the time, because no one had any idea what was actually going on. That’s so funny looking back at it lmao. But anyway, We took a taxi and drove to a place called “Gino Paradise Tbilisi”- the water park! When we arrived, we were given bracelets, so that we could buy stuff using then- it was pretty cool. I don’t have that many notes written down about the water park, as I was just running around having fun, but let me tell you- it was huge. It had so many water slides, which are my favorites! I went down 4 different slides, to one of them I even went twice. It also had like million different pools all around the place. It was pretty amazing. We stayed there until about 3:50 PM.

Once we started to feel tired, we took a taxi back to the area of our hotel and went to eat lunch. We again choose a Thai restaurant, but this time it was a different one. It is called “Tuk Tuk”, and it was amazing. The place was small and cute, super clean, the customer’s service was fantastic. I ordered pad thai again, which I really enjoyed. After we finished eating we went to the hotel to shower, then went out again by foot to the nearest cinema. My brother and I bought tickets to see the live action movie of “The Lion King”. It was so amazing! I didn’t cry this time lol, and I had fun singing along to all of the songs. I don’t think that my brother appreciated my singing that much though. While we were watching the movie, my parents went to the mall to buy more gifts to bring home. They bought me really cute silver earrings that I’m actually wearing right now, while writing this! When we finished watching the movie my brother and I joined them, and went alone to McCdonald’s to buy some cherry soda. My brother really got on my nerves on the way there, as he can be quite loud and goofy sometimes. A lot of people gave us “the look” while passing by, if you know what I mean, which can actually hurt a lot when you feel like you have no control over the situation. And the worst part? McCdonald’s was close so no cherry soda for us lmao. Looking back I feel really stupid and sad that that bothered me so much when today was so amazing, but hey, we grow and we learn lol.

20.07.2019, Basketball Game, Dunkin’ Donuts, Vans And Pizza

Hello and good morning! Today we woke up at 9:00 AM, which is great ’cause it wasn’t super early like we’re used to. We then got ready, locked our rooms and went to eat breakfast. In my opinion, today’s breakfast was the best one so far. We then took a taxi that drove us to the “Tbilisi Mall”, which is supposed to be the biggest mall in Tbilisi. Well, it really was quite big, it has many floors and even more stores, coffee shops and restaurant. It even had a basketball court in the middle of it! My family and I went around the stores for some time, and I even bought a super cute shirt in a place called “Jennyfer” (I’m also wearing it right now LMAO). After walking around for some time my brother and I got kinda tired, so we stayed at the bottom floor, where the basketball court was, and watched a tournament that was going on at the time. Most of the boys there were around my age, maybe a tiny bit older. It’s kinda funny because my friends and I always joke around, saying that there are so many boys at our school, but none of them are cute- well it’s because all of the really cute ones are in Georgia! loll. But yeah apart from that they were actually pretty good at playing, so I really enjoyed watching them. After some time the younger generation stopped playing, and instead there were a bunch of older men playing and we felt kinda creepy watching them, so my brother and I decided to go to the top floor (to the food zone!) and drunk some “Dunkin’ Donuts”. I got “Dunkin’s original ice coffe”, which was disgusting, and a pink donut with sprinkles (which was good).

After we were done there, we met up with my parents again. My dad and I went to a shoe store called “Factory”, and he bought me my first Vans shoes ever. I got the black and white ones, and I’m literally in love. I love them so much! Even a year later, they’re still my favorite shoes. We all later sat down in a coffee shop / restaurant called “Khachapuri Hut” and ordered pizza. After we finished eating the pizza, we went to “Bershka” and I bought one shorts for my summer camp which was coming up, one jeans shorts, and a “Toy Story” shirt lmao. Around that time we decided that it was time to go, so we took a taxi back to the hotel.

At 5:50 PM we were sitting again in the same restaurant where we ate yesterday- “Tuk Tuk”. This time, I ordered “glass noodles with vegetables and eggs”, which was so so good!! Once we finished eating we went to the mall right by the hotel again, and my brother and I played in the arcade and earned more points. I later also went back to “Mini So” and bought there some more supplies for the next school year.

21.07.2019, Wandering Down The Streets, Preparing Ourselves To Say Goodbye

Good morning! So today was actually quite short as we didn’t do as much. We woke up at around 9:20 AM and at 10:00 AM we were aready sitting down and eating breakfast at our hotel. Then we left it, and took a cab to the “Dezerter Bazaar”, or basically a market. It was full and quite gogeous. I don’t remember a lot from it, but I do remember that later on we also walked around the streets of the city. We were all in a weird vibe, knowing that tomorrow we will be flying back home, after being in Georgia for more then two weeks. We stopped at a coffee shop, and I took this really cool picture which is probably my favorite one from the whole trip:

But well After going around for some time, we finally arrived to our favorite mall, the one by our hotel. My brother and I once again played in the arcade, and earned again, more points. We then went off to eat in the same restaurant, “Tuk Tuk”, I ordered fried chicken with veggies and cashew nuts, it was really really good! After that we returned to our rooms, and stayed there for the rest of the day- we had to pack our bags, and prepare ourselves for tomorrow.

22.07.2019, The Last Day

Good morning! (for the last time 😦 ). Today we woke up at 9:20 AM, again, ate breakfast and checked out from the hotel. We could leave our luggages there, so we did, while we went off to look for last minutes gifts for our friends and family. We went to the mall, and actually used all of the points that we’ve earned in the arcade (I think we got a notebook for my brother but I can’t remember). My mum and I waited for my dad and brother while they were looking for something in another store, so we sat on a bench and I showed her the “my name is Diego..” tik tok, but sadly she had no reaction lmao. I don’t think that she actually listened to the lyrics. Either way, once we returned to the hotel we took our luggages, and ordered a taxi that would drive us to the airport. The hotel owner even came and said goodbye, and helped us with the luggages. It was really nice.

The way to the airport was really hot and sunny, so we were all sweating like crazy, so we were so relieved to finally arrive. Once we checked in we still had so time, so we waited in a “Dunkin Donuts” for one last time. During the flight, when the plane took off, I had a bit of anxiety, but after some time I let go and was fine.

After we landed everyone on the plane clapped, so the vibe was quite cheerful and happy. On the ride home I listened to some songs and podcasts, but it felt weird seeing my dad and not a taxi driver sitting in the driver seat. But the weirdest part was actually arriving and entering our house. It just didn’t feel like home. Here’s what I wrote on the actual date, right after I went into my bedroom:

Maybe it’s because I’ve been away for such a long time, but as I’m writing this I’m sitting on my bed, and feeling as if it’s someone else’s. Looking at my bookshelf, and not sensing my personal connection to it. Even seeing the vans that I got on my bedroom floor doesn’t seem right. It all feels so unreal and strange, as if I’m a stranger inside a family’s home. Guess that I’ll have to make some changes in my room to change that. It’s funny how fast humans adjust to their surroundings. I was a guest at the “Flower Hotel” in a different country for about a week, and soon enough felt like it was my home. A home that was different then the one back in my country. I’m gonna miss that.
I just realized that I’ve never used Tik Tok in my actual room, only in Georgia. Never liked the influencers that I like now outside of Georgia. Never seen Stranger Things outside of Georgia. Will it all be different now? Will I think differently of the new people that I grew to love? It all feel so strange and very far away.

Adjusting back to my old house would take some time. Especially because of the fact that I go to summer camp in two days. But it’ll happen. Eventually.

I’m gonna miss Georgia. I’m gonna miss the long car rides besides the mountains, the beautiful view, maybe even staying with my brother in the same room. Always being with my family… being disconnected from the internet when I’m not in the hotel… I’ll miss that. So much.
Thank you Georgia, for being so kind with us. For having us, for letting us make new memories inside of your territory. Thank you 🙏

Thanks for keeping up with the “Georgia Diaries”. Peace ✌️

-ocean girl

The Georgia Diaries ’04- Borjomi & Tbilisi 🍡

Hello World!

Welcome, or welcome back to another blog 🙂 How have you all been? What’s new? I just got a new plant I named Tony, and it’s the cutest haha. Also I haven’t been able to write in a while, so I’m extremely thankful for being able to do that again. I’ve also started to plan other blog posts, so I’m gonna write them as soon as I get my new phone!

But well, today’s blog is the forth blog post in the Georgia Diaries series! In case you’re new, last summer my family and I went to visit Georgia for about 19 days. In this blog series I will be sharing with you my experiences. This could be quite helpful for you if you’re planning on visiting Georgia once it’s safer, as I’m mentioning all of the restaurants, hotels and stores we’ve been to. If you’re not planning on visiting Georgia, I believe that you could still enjoy reading our experiences and stories, and maybe even feel like you’re with us! In any case, I advice that you first read the first 3 blogs in the series, or at least the last one that I published, as it would be easier to understand this blog! I’m going to continue writing from the place where I stopped last time 🙂 enjoy!

14.07.2019, A Medieval Castle, A Village Inside A Mountain And Fishing!

Good morning! Today we woke up a bit earlier then I was hoping. The hotel manager (or CEO?) told us that her cousin is actually a travel guide, and that because we’re staying at her hotel, he could show us around for a good price. So we agreed to meet up with him after breakfast. We ate at the “Cafe-Restaurant BERGI”, which if I remember currectly was actually really good, then he picked us with his car. He was actually so nice! During the ride we kinda got to know him, he was pretty young so he wasn’t the type of guy that would just talk about the history of a place without caring whether people are listening or not. After spending some time on the road, we arrived at the “Rabati” castle, which is a medieval fortress built in the 9th century. When we walked in some guy walked infront of us really fast with a camera, and took a picture of us really quickly, then walked away. I thought that it was a bit strange, but oh well. Once we were inside we realized that the place was HUGE but so so beautiful! there were so many buildings, and honestly I could totally see myself living in a place like that lol. It was really quiet, but not the awkward silence you sometimes experience in museums- it was rather peaceful and harmonius. I really liked it 🤍

After we were done walking around, we went back to the car and drove for another 40 minutes, in which I fell asleep while listening to the “Aladdin” soundtrack lol. It’s so good!! But anyway, once the car stopped my parents went for a hike together, while my brother and I decided to stay with our driver. We were kinda getting tired of all of the walking, and to be honest even though I genuinely enjoy hiking, sometimes it’s just the same view repeating itself. But our driver went fishing in a lake near where we parked the car, so we stayed with him. If you’re a true crime lover you might be thinking “oh no!”, but trust me, we really got along with him and trusted him, and it was really fine. We talked for a bit, at first he didn’t realized that we spoke English, but it ended up working out. About maybe 20 minutes later my parents returned, and we hit the road again (he didn’t caught any fish in case you were wondering lol).

We stopped again at the “Vardzia”, which is a cave monastery site, excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain. Basically, a whole village inside a mountain. It was crazy to think that someone once lived there! And not just one person- but a whole village. It was very beautiful, especially from afar, but inside the caves I felt quite claustrophobic. I don’t know what is it about caves, I guess that they’re just not my cup of tea. As soon as we were done there, we went to a “hot spring”. yack. It wasn’t even a real spring, we arrived next to a house , they let us inside a room- in the middle of it was a big poll full of hot, salty water. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was definitely not this. My dad and brother went inside for a swim, while my mum and I only put our feet in it. Our driver waited outside.

After that we were pretty much done for the day- we were tired, and hungry. During this trip we kinda figured out that the main, most known restaurants aren’t always the best ones, so my parents told the driver to take us to his favorite restaurant, and he did- he took us to a place called “My House”, which turned out to be one of the best restaurants we’ve eaten in during this trip. I ordered “rice with vegetables” and “beans in a pot”. It was so delicious! We then returned to the hotel by foot, and because it was already quite late we stayed there and didn’t go for another stroll around the city. I watched some “Stranger Things” before I went to sleep.

15.07.2020, Iced Coffee, Scrunchies And A Fairyland

Because yesterday was such a long, tiring day, today we actually had a kinda chill, relaxed one. We woke up quite late for the first time in a while, at 10 AM! It was so nice and refreshing. We got ready, and walked around the streets for a while, then sat down to eat breakfast at a place called “Inka Cafe”. It is such a nice place! I drunk iced coffee 🙂 After that we walked around for some more time, we bought some things to bring home to my grandparents. We also found a cute little shop that sold scrunchies, and I was quite the vsco girl at the time (tbh I still kinda am lol) so I bought about 8 of those, in different colors and sizes.

We continued walking around until we arrived in a park called “Borjomi Park”, and “Fairyland” (they’re kinda the same thing, but also not?? you just kinda walk through one park and there’s a pretty smooth transaction to the other). Those two parks are basically a “super-land”, but a bit more quiet and less extreme. There were a bunch of activities, Play facilities, food stands and so much more. We mostly walked around the place, not going in any direction in particular. We ate popcorn, cotton candy, hot corn, ice cream… It was really nice and cool! I feel like it was mostly meant for younger kids, so even though I enjoyed seeing everything, I felt like I was a bit old in order to do many of these activities, and I was with my family there- if I were to be with my friends we would probably just do this stuff anyway, just for fun. But apart from that I don’t really remember much of this day, if you’ve seem the third season of “Stranger Things”, then it kinda reminded me of the
festival they had there, except it was way less cool. We later went to eat in the same place as yesterday- “My House”. It was again, so great!!

16.07.2019, Returning To Tbilisi And Visiting A Huge Market

Today, unlike yesterday, we woke up quite early at 6:30 AM, Packed our bags and left the hotel for good. We walked all the way to the bus station, and once we got there we bought tickets, got onto a white minibus and drove back to Tbilisi. The way my parents planned this trip was that almost everytime we were to switch or move to a different city, we’d go through Tbilisi. We started in Tbilisi, traveled to Kazbegi, back to Tbilisi then took a train to Mestia, from there we went to Kutaisi stayed there for a few days and then traveled to Borjumi. At this point we were leaving Borjumi and going back to Tbilisi for the last time, before we’re packing our bags and flying back home. After the long drive to Tbilisi (which I remember nothing of for some reason lol), we arrived at a crowded bus station. We called an Uber that took us to the hotel we were gonna stay in. It is called- “Flower Hotel”, and it was quite fancy! The room my brother and I got was huge, and really really nice. After checking in and unpacking our bags, we left the hotel in order to get some food. The hotel was right by this very long, super pretty street full of restaurants and cafe houses. It was a bit fancier then the ones we were used to, and a bit more expensive as well. We sat down to eat at a place called “9 MTA”, which was quite expensive, but the food was so good and well done! Then we walked a bit by foot, until we found a taxi that drove us to the “Lilo Market”.

The “Lilo Market” was a huge place, with many tiny stores and stands that basically sold anything your heart desire. We walked around, simply looking at all of the beautiful and strange things. I bought myself new glasses (it’s a fashion statement ya’ll) and some keychains that are typically being sold to tourests, so I can give to my friends back home. After a few long hours that we’ve spent there, we returned back to the hotel to get some rest. At around 6:30 PM, a few hours after we returned to the hotel, we decided to go out and look for a place where we could eat dinner. However, it took us such a long time to find a restaurant that sold an affordable, good food. At 8:00 PM, an hour and a half later, we were finally sitting in a restaurant called “Samikitno”, which is right by the big “I love Tbilisi” sign (if you’ll go there, you’d know). I ordered some Greece salad, which took forever to arrive, but in their defense the place was really full. It was really good. After that we went for a last walk around the city, in which we looked for some presents to give to my grandparents back home.

17.07.2019, A Shopping Spree, Arcade And Vsco Girls!

Morning! Today we woke up at 9:00 AM, which was really nice compared to most of the other mornings. We got ready, and then ate breakfast at our hotel- the dining room was full of tables already prepared with food, with a glass wall and a glass door, and behind it was a balcony with a beautiful view of the city. The food was minimal but so great. After we finished eating, we left the hotel and took a taxi to an outlet/mall called “East Point”. There were a bunch of tourists in the mall, but most of the people in there were locals. There was a long outside hall full of shops, and I really enjoyed shopping there! I bought a cute “LA” t-shirt in a store called “Collin’s”, and a cute, short, red and white shirt at “H&M” along with a yellow and grey jacket and a scrunchie. After walking for some more time outside, in which the rest of my family also bought clothes and more (it’s cheaper in Gerogia then in Israel!), We entered the mall, and went to the upper floor. There was a cinema there, so my brother and I went to see “Toy Story 4” in 3D. It just came out around that time, and it was so SAD. But good. You should watch it.

After that I kinda had a mini breakdown. If you have a younger sibling you’d know how hard it is to be with them sometimes. Having to spend three hours in one position with my brother, especially when he’s so unorganized and I am, was really hard, and it truly got to me lol (looking back I barely even remember what we fought about but if I wrote notes about it back then then maybe it was impotant enough to mention lmao). But once the movie was over, my parents came to pick us up and we all ate at an asian restaurant. We ordered fried noodles. It was sooo good, but soo spicy! Afterwards we continued walking around the stores, and I bought a cute notebook for next year (it is my bullet journal now). We found an arcade, too, at the bottom floor, and played there for some time. I played in a motorcycle game (which is always my favorite one to play in arcades) and got first place twice! I even made it to the “top 6” in the category “best time” of all times.

When we returned back to the hotel I watched some TikToks (I downloaded the app a couple of days ago- I was on music.lly back in the day too lol), and really felt aesthetic with everything that I got today. Without even noticing I really matched the “vsco girl” aesthetic lol! Later on, at around 10 PM, we went for a stroll around and sat inside a “Dunkin Donuts”. I bought some ice cream with chocolate! After that we returned back to the hotel, and I watched TikToks for a long, long time 🙂


Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed it! Sorry that this blog is up a day late, yesterday I was busy with studying for a big test that I took this morning! Thankfully I’m done with it now, and I only have one more test before I’m done for this school year! If you’d like to reach out, you could find me on instagram I’d love to talk with you. At the moment I’m not very active there, but I will be as soon as I get my camera fixed. You could also talk to me through the comments!

Stay safe, put your mask on and practice social distancing!!

Toodles! 🧜‍♀️

-ocean girl

The Georgia Diaries ’03- Mestia, Kutaisi And Borjomi☔

Hello world!!

How have you all been? How’s life? I’ve been facing a very stressful time, because of all of my finals! I have to study everything by myself, and I can’t leave the house, so it can be a lot to take sometimes. I also have been dealing the military, as I’m planning on joining once I’m done with school. But apart from that, I finally managed my time, so I’m able to post once a week, every Sunday! I really enjoy blogging so I’m starting to really get into it.

So as you already know, This is the third part of the Georgia Diaries! If you’re new, over the last summer my family and I visited in Georgia for 19 days! We’ve been to many amazing places, and in the Georgia Diaries, which is a blog series that I’ve created, I basically share all about our trip! these blogs could be quite helpful to you if you’re planning on going to Georgia once the pandemic is over, as I include all of the names of the places we stayed in, the restaurants we ate in and so on! If not, I hope that you’d still enjoy the stories and the pictures, as I’ll also be sharing my experiences and feelings througout the blogs! 🙂 let’s start, shall we?

10.07.2019, A Trip To Chalaadi Glacier And Kala

Good morning! Todat we woke up at 7:20 or so in Mestia, and got ready. We ate breakfast at our hotel- our hosts made us a full table, with many great dishes on it. They even added peaches, which I love. Then we walked to the “center” of Mestia, were we found a driver that would take us for a trip around. We had to have at least 6 people before we could leave, and we were only 4, so we found a couple from Germany that wanted to hike as well, so they decided to join us. They reminded me of my friends from Germany, that I met last year. We talked quite a lot on the way there, and really got to know them. They were so nice and cool! My mum talked a lot about Israel, it was really funny. Finally, after a long ride, we arrived at the “Chalaadi Glacier”, which was so beautiful. We walked on a beautiful trail, sarrounded by trees, a river.. We saw many butterflies and flowers. At the end of the track we saw a huge iceberg, and we were able to go around it for a bit, and touch it. It was so cool, and so unusual. Once we took many pictures and felt like we were getting tired, we decided to head back to the car. The couple that came with us stayed throughout the whole track, and I kinda got used to having them with us- they were really funny and had so much to add to the conversation. Once we returned to the car, we separated- the driver drove my family and I to “Kala”, while the German couple decided to walk there by foot. “Kala” is a place between and on the mountains, which includesb 8 old villages. I found it so magical and creepy at the same time- the buildings were so pretty, but were also old and held a ton of weird energy. We walked around, enjoying the view. It was so quiet. After walking for some time, we found a local restaurant, where we decided to sit down at and eat. Sadly the place doesn’t have a name, or it least they don’t display the name in a visible place, but I will add pictures of the place. The food was homemade, and so good! The German couple saw us, and joined later on, they drunk beer though, while we ate cheese and a salad hahaha. After we were finished, we walked around the villages again, then stopped and bough some “snickers” chocolate bar and water. At this point it was quite late, so we returned to the car, that took us back to the city. On the way back everyone in the car were quiet, so I listened to some cool music (insert summer 2019 tiktok playlist haha!).

Once we arrived at the “center” of Mestia again, we said goodbye to the German couple that we met, and returned to our hotel, took a shower and rested. Later that evening we went to the same restaurant as yesterday, “Sun-Seti”, and ate dinner. when we finished our food it was really late, so we returned to our hotel again and prepared our selves to sleep after the long day.

11.07.2019, A Ski Lift , Ridiculous Cab Driver And A Confusing Minibus

Today we woke up at 8:15 AM, and ate breakfast at our hotel again, for the last time- today is our last day in Mestia. Mestia has a pretty good area for skiing in the winter, but since we’re in July, we decided to go there and simply ride the ski lift. It was close to the hotel, so we walked there. A cute dog followed us. We finally got on the ski lift, and the view was amazing. you could see Mestia in front of you, while there’s a forest underneath you. I always loved the idea of flying, and have always enjoyed crazy roller coaster rides (you should read the GD ’02 for more information on a roller coaster ride that we’ve been on) so I really enjoyed this ski lift. The wind wasn’t too strong, and other people that were also taking the ski lift waved at us while we passed them. We reached the end, then returned back right away. Once we arrived at the starting point, we walked back to the hotel (the dog followed us back again, but left in the middle of the way).

Once we arrived at our hotel we took our bags, and went to look for a taxi driver. We found this guy that… was… well, hear me out. At first sight he seemed like a nice, responsible person, which is why we decided to go with him- he would drive us to a bus station, that was very far away from Mestia- a few hours drive. And really, like we thought, the first maybe 40 minutes were fine- he was nice, he talked a lot, and was funny. But once those 40 minutes passed he started to drift away, almost fell asleep twice. My dad tried to talk to him and keep him awake. He stopped the car on the side of the road and went to find a river to wash his face in. About an half an hour later he also stopped at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and told us that he was getting some energy (I can’t remember if he wanted to sleep or eat). After that my dad offered to drive instead of him, as he again almost fell asleep a bunch of times and it was getting dangerous. My dad then drived for the next maybe hour and a half while our driver was sitting in the seat next to him, sleeping. After he woke up, he switched places with my dad and drove for another hour. At that point we were pretty much in the city, so he stopped next to a random house which he told us was his, and left us in the cab while he was going inside to change his shirt. My mum and dad were so confused and tired at that point, that all they could do was laugh. As soon as he came back, wearing a new shirt, we want on our way again. About maybe 20 very long minutes later we arrived at the bus station, and the driver calmly turned to my dad, and asked him to take his phone number, and share it with our friends, or on facebook. My dad was shocked, but he was nice so he just took it and laughed.

After getting off the cab, we got on a small white minibus, that was supposed to take us to Kutaisi, which is another village in Georgia. At first, the ride was fine, I had a lot of space, very normal. But then it got really weird, as people kept on coming inside the minibus until there were about 9-10 people standing inside, not counting the ones that were sitting! I felt very uncomfortable and anxious, as I felt like I barely had any place to breathe. I was sitting down, so I had a million thoughts running through my mind- “should I get up? should I let someone else sit instead of me?” I wasn’t sure, as I knew that there were 2 hours of being inside there ahead of us. I also felt super uncomfortable with so many people touching me, and there was barely any room for getting up. At some point an old man came, could be someone’s grandpa, and after a few minutes of arguing with myself I decided to get up and signaled him to sit instead of me. He refused and said that he was just getting off. I felt very stupid, as I was both standing and taking up space, and saving a seat, so I also asked the woman standing infront of me if she would like to sit. But, she said that she was just getting off too. Everyone were looking at me. Embarrassed, I sat back again in my seat, put on my headphones and listened to some podcasts while looking out the window.

When we finally arrived to Kutaisi, we ate some food at McCdonald’s, and took another taxi to our hotel, which we booked online. The hotel that we booked is called “Family Hotel”, and it really was awesome. We booked two rooms, as always- one for my brother and I, and one for our parents. Our room had a small balcony, unlike our parents’ (moahahah) and two tables. Pretty awesome!

After that we went to look around, wandered on the streets, and sat down to eat in a very disappointing and quite disgusting place, which I don’t remember it’s name (and thank god for that lol). Then we returned to our room, as it was already very late, and I watched some more “Stranger Things”. I finished season one!!

12.07.2019, A Stalactite Cave, A Local Market And A Small Mall!

Today we woke up at 8:15 AM, and ate breakfast at the hotel. We had a full table already set for us, with many cool and tasty dishes on it. After that we took a taxi to a stalactite cave. We were put in a group of people, that were all Israelis tourists! They all talked in Hebrew, which we understand, and it was simply hilarious. One of them complained that it rained on them, so their friend replied “It’ll be over by the time you get married”. They were both in their 70’s lmao. Inside the cave we had to walk for about 45 minutes, and it kinda felt like being stuck in IKEA. Usually I don’t like being inside caves, I’m very stressed about it, but it wasn’t so bad- it was very beautiful, and the older poeple talking in the background made the whole thing so much better.

After that, we went to a local market. Like I said in a previous blog, I don’t really enjoy these markets, but my dad gave my brother and I 20 GEL each (so that we wouldn’t bug him) so I was mostly focused on looking for something to buy rather then on what’s going on around me. I ended up buying some local chocolate. We then left the market and walked around on the streets when it started to rain. A lot. We entered a small shop in order to stay dry. The lady in charge was really nice and understood why we came in. I felt bad going inside a dry clean shop with dirty shoes, simply so I can stay dry, so I bought there a lipstick. I mean.. I was planning on getting a new one at some point anyway.

We then went went to a small mall called “Karvasla”. I bought there some “Avengers” stickers, and my dad ordered some glasses, which we were planning on taking the next day. We went to eat in a restaurant called “Kalakuri”. I ordered “Fried Trout on a Ceramic Pan” lol. It was great. Then, we went back to the hotel. I watched some YouTube, finished watching some vlogs and also watched again “Stranger Things”, and that’s it for today 🙂

13.07.2019, A Canyon And A Real Life, “80’s Style” Hawkins

Today we woke up, ate breakfast at out hotel, took our bags and left it. We met a minibus driver that agreed to be our driver for the day (in exchange for some coins of course). He drove us to the “Okatse Canyon”. We had to walk about 4.5 kilometers in order to get there. The way there was beautiful though, full of trees, flowers and we even saw a few pigs. Once we got to the actual canyon we walked on a very long bridge above it. My mum is very afraid of hights, so I felt really bad for her, she really freaked out and it was hella strange seeing her like that. After we got back to the minibus, we drove back to Kutaisi. Yesterday my dad bought himself new glasses, so today we came back to pick them up. After that, we ate lunch in the same place in which we ate yesterday- “Kalakuri”.

After that our driver picked us up again, and we left Kutaisi for good (tam, tam, tam!). He drove us for about three hours until we arrived to “Borjomi”. Our hotel, “Check In Borjomi” was eh. It wasn’t so bad after we got used to it, but at first it came off as a bad surprise.

After arriving saftly at home, I can tell you for sure that apart from Tbilisi, Borjomi was my favorite place in Georgia. The moment we started to walk on the streets, I fell in love. Imagine this- a small village from the 80’s, with small yet wide streets full of old arcade games, popcorn machines, jewelry stores, and what not. All of the people walking on the sidewalk were so beautiful and unique- most of them were teens, dressed like they were from the eighteis too! Remember, I was watching “Stranger Things” at the time, so for me it felt like the show came to life, and I was inside of it. Borjomi is not a big village, so if you’re looking for a trip that’s LA/ New York style, then this isn’t the place for you. But we went there to feel and see their culture, and this was definitely it.

I didn’t write a lot down on the 13.7, but Borjomi definitely was one of my favorite places.


I really hope that you enjoyed this third blog in the “Georgia Diaries” series! I had so much fun writing it and remembering all of the memories again. If you’d like, you could check out my other two blogs in the series, or other blogs in general. My back camera still isn’t working, so I’ll be writing the Georgia Diaries blogs until I can fix it, because I can’t really make new content without my camera! If you’d like to talk to me, pleasee leave a comment below, or dm me on instagram- I’d love to speak with you! Please take care of yourself!

Toodles! 🌈


Hello World!🌊

Hi! I’m “Ocean Girl” and I’m a 16-year-old teenage girl. I live in a pretty fine house with my little brother and both of my parents. I went to the same school and been in the same class with the same classmates for 9 years. I hanged out with the same friends and my life was pretty much the same roller coaster: sometimes you’re so high that you can almost touch the sky, and sometimes you’re so low that you can almost small something rot in hell. But either way, the rail cart is always staying on its track. And even if you’re scared, you can always look to the sides and see the familiar festival and surroundings, along with your family and friends, and some cotton candy to lighten up your day. That’s what my life was like, until last year, year ten. I outgrown my rail cart. Being with the same teachers and classmates just didn’t work for me as well as it did in the past. I got tired of having to go to the same place for over 9 years. I did not like what my school had to offer anymore. So I did what I had to do in order to make me happy: I switched festivals- I transferred schools.

“New school, new me”- fitting in a new school could get extreme. First impressions are suddenly important, because the way you present yourself in the first few days, is *usually* how the rest of your time in school would look like. You can either be the smart kid, the popular one, the jock… though for me, I never felt like I was any of those. Thankfully, I was able to find my place in my class, I even made new friends. Yet I still had to deal with new problems that I never had to deal with at my old school. Some of them are small, such as dealing with mean girls, getting rejected (and I’m not talking about relationship stuff), not reaching up to my teachers’ expectations… And being unable to be vulnerable. At my old school, we barely had any homework or tests. We also had long breaks in between classes and a ton of free time. So I would usually go to the side with my friends during lunch break, and have a really deep and long heart-to-heart conversations. We would sit in small groups of 2-3 people so that way we can really be our true selves. (here’s a tip for a better life lol: when you’re talking in small and intimate groups, people probably won’t judge you because they are likely to be their true selves as well. Plus, there is no pressure to be “Miss/Mister prefect” as there aren’t many people that are watching you. This isn’t a scientific fact though; I’m just speaking from personal experience).

By talking and having long conversations my friends and I were letting out steam, anxiety and stress. In my new festival, school, whatever- things are different. We have homework and tests on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We barely have any free time and the breaks that we do have in between classes are short. My friends are hanging out in big groups, and even though I love them a lot, it’s hard to talk about your feeling and being expose when there are about 10 pairs of eyes and ears who are looking at you and listening to you all at the same time.

Because of that, alongside many other reasons, over the past year I’ve became an anxious and stressful person. And well, that’s kind of a big problem. And problems should be taken care of. I have listed others earlier on in this post, but this problem is the one that is most important to me to solve. And so, I decided to take care of it. By creating this blog. (Jeez, I used the word “problem” way too many times in this last sentence).

The people who are reading this blog, you guys, probably don’t know me and never heard my name before reading this (unless you’re someone I know in real life. In that case, please stop reading and log off this website right now. Haha thank you bye), so you don’t have previous opinions about me. That means that the way I represent myself in this blog, is the way that you would see me and picture me in your mind. This means that I can be 100% myself, without anyone doubting me as no one knows better. Here you will get to know the real me, and not the polite new girl in class. And I don’t know you, which means that you can be 100% yourself too.

I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life, and it would be awesome if you guys could tag along. This could be our little corner on the internet, where we could chat about pretty much all of the things that you wouldn’t chat about in small talks (or anything in general, really).

And… I think that that’s it! Thank you if you made it this far. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


-ocean girl

P.S. Since this is the first blog post, and it doesn’t have a proper theme, I decided to add this random picture that I took the other day, of a flower. I had fun editing it, lol. Okay bye! ❤️